"Adult cute" plaid coordination

-Autumn Feminine-

-Early Autumn-

-Winter Feminine-


1950s movie actress! “Autumn Classical” loved over time

1990s movie actress! “90's Romance” that makes you want to walk around New York



A basket bag that creates a summery seasonal feeling

A beautiful "blue" like a jewel! Highest purity "Blue"

A beautiful star ark! "Summer fashion" playing music of mystery and fantasy

A clear and sunny summer sky! "Summer fashion" adding color to the blue sky canvas

A clear bag that is perfect for summer is a hot topic!

A countess who colors the silver screen! "Vintage fashion" in the splendid world of dance

A dinner party on a starry night! "Winter Retro" for ladies

A dream social world! British's beloved "Winter Classical"

A dress that looks like a bouquet! “Spring Color” like the heroine of a story

A fantastic world that appears in fairy tales! Adorable and enchanting “mushrooms”

A lady's secret outfit! The splendid "50's Classic Fashion"

A Letter from an Unknown Star

A Little Bird

A lone moon floats in the smooth twilight! "Room wear" that makes the night pass like a dream

A modern Meiji lady who lives in a Western-style building! Dressing up as a movie star in "classic fashion"

A splendid society lady! “Classical Shoes” from Rokumeikan era

A starry night ball! “Winter Retro” for ladies

A symphony in western clothes! "Autumn Fashion" playing hidden feelings

A timeless style! “Elegance Retro” of a splendid silver screen actress

Abbott Vintage

About Little Star



Acorn Lolita

Admire the world of Western movies! "Nostalgic" is a collection of "likes"

Admired English lady! "British classic fashion" full of dignity and dignity

Admiring British girls! Splendid and elegant “Classical Elegant”

Admiring British girls! “Classical Elegant” like a secret treasure chest

Admiring the Parisienne! "90'S CLASSIC FASHION" for ladies

Admiring the Parisienne! “Paris Retro” like the heroine of a French movie