1990s movie actress! 10 "90's Romance" that will make you want to walk around New York

In life-sized daily life, I finally noticed. that i love you It took me a long time to realize that. The person I want to talk to at the end of the day is you. If you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, it's only you. When was the turning point that drew your destiny? "90's Romance" clothes that are reminiscent of movie actresses that combine dignity and sophistication. Create a romantic and classical atmosphere.

1) Black Lady double-breasted wool long coat

A long double-breasted wool coat reminiscent of 1990s movie heroes. You will be fascinated by the beautiful silhouette that does not spread too much. An elegant item that is easy to match with casual outfits. Wear a long coat and walk around town.

2) houndstooth retro jacket

British retro houndstooth check jacket. This item has a nostalgic and boyish atmosphere. The collar is embellished with a detachable corduroy collar. It has a relatively relaxed silhouette.

3) Gray purple lady wool long coat

A wool long coat that creates an elegant and noble lady. The ash-tinged purple gives a calm impression. The side of the waist is squeezed, and the item is carefully sewn to create a beautiful silhouette. Nice glossy buttons.

4) British plaid princess long dress

A long dress with a tartan check pattern that gives a British retro impression. The knitting direction is different between the upper body and the lower body, and the waist is decorated with a belt. The hem is pleated, and you will be fascinated by the way it sways with every step.

5) Dark green literary knit vest

A knit vest that gives a literary retro impression with different stitches that are carefully sewn. This item has a thick and soft texture. Just put it on over your favorite blouse and become a high-class literary girl.

6) British aristocratic plaid vest jacket

Best jacket with a tartan check pattern that originated in Scotland. It is an item that combines the best with innerwear. Gold buttons give a noble impression. You will be fascinated by the British-style tartan check pattern on the collar and vest of the jacket. An atmosphere like an elegant British aristocrat.

7) Dark indigo lady double-breasted jacket

A classic double-breasted jacket reminiscent of the 1990s. Dark navy color close to black, thick wool fabric item. Elegant golden buttons. A relaxed big silhouette is wonderful.

8) British Plaid High Waist Wool Skirt

Bias plaid wool skirt designed diagonally. Designed with a high waist and a belt at the waist. A pocket is decorated on the front, and the relatively large button decoration gives a retro impression. This item is carefully sewn to create a beautiful silhouette.

9) Aran knitted literary high neck sweater

A high-neck knit sweater with a beautiful cross pattern Aran knit that was born in Ireland. The sleeves and neck are also decorated with Aran knitting. Warm and soft fabric item. In the atmosphere of a pure literary girl.

10) Musician Embroidered Cotton Shirt

A cotton shirt embroidered with a musician playing the guitar on the chest. Playful embroidery loosens cheeks. The mint green color gives a refreshing impression. The thick fabric makes it easy to match with any item.

How was it? Clothes inspired by 1990s romance movies. It makes me want to walk around New York City.