Admire the world of Western movies! 10 "Nostalgic" collections of "likes"

I long for the world view of Western movies with a classical atmosphere. Fashion that is trendy is good, but I am attracted to clothes that I can wear for a long time. A once-in-a-lifetime encounter. Just like love, whether you like it or not is everything. There is no doubt that you will be fascinated by the beautiful decorations. I hope that you will meet wonderful clothes filled with the thoughts of tailors.

1) Houndstooth checkered wool coat of a Western lady

A houndstooth wool coat with a vintage feel. A slightly retro atmosphere creates a beautiful western lady. Coordinates with dresses and skirts are also wonderful. The item which can fully enjoy a classical style.

2) Royal lady's plaid dress

A plaid dress with a classic British feel. It is an item full of grand dignity. The moderate length creates a neat and neat look, and you will be fascinated by its beautiful appearance. It is an item with a calm color that considers ease of use and ease of matching in everyday life.

3) Countess nostalgic dress

A beautiful dress with a nostalgic atmosphere. I feel particular about the high-waisted and stylish silhouette. A piece that makes you look like a high-ranking lady, and has just the right length to make you look neat and elegant.

4) Duchess elegant plaid jacket

An elegant plaid jacket. It also creates a classic atmosphere, so you can enjoy winter outfits that are not too casual. Pair with high-waisted bottoms for a beautiful look. We also recommend pairing it with a dress or long skirt for a feminine look.

5) Knight marquis corduroy jacket and embroidered skirt

A corduroy jacket that looks like a noble knight marquis, and a lovely embroidered skirt that gently sways in the wind. The jacket has a tight waist and creates a beautiful maiden look. Excellent compatibility with high-waisted bottoms.

6) Velvet jacket playing a symphony

A classy velvet jacket. I love the soft, shiny fabric. Gold-rimmed button decoration creates a splendid atmosphere. You can wear it with a wide hem for a feminine look.

7) Maroon houndstooth checkered dress

A houndstooth checkered dress that can be worn casually with an elegant atmosphere. It is an item full of grand dignity. The maroon plaid gives the impression of a casual atmosphere. The long length gives it a mature and casual look.

8) Western-style maiden velvet blouse

A maiden who lives in a Western-style building with a dignified atmosphere. My favorite is a slightly nostalgic sweet tea with almonds as a secret ingredient. When you look out the window, the rain that continues to drizzle soothes your heart.

9) Secret Literary World Sweater

What I took out from the bookshelf was a secret literary work with Western illustrations. My favorite pure literature where the lonely midnight passes quickly. It's only a matter of time before the white morning sun rises.

10) Geometric Floral Sweater

A pensive maiden. With this sweet and guilty feeling for the first time, I open a small secret box tonight. Make a wish on a shooting star that disappears in the night sky.

How was it? "Nostalgic Fashion", which combines a slightly retro atmosphere with a somewhat new style, is a symbol of an unflattering maiden. Why don't you wear the world view of the longed-for Western movie?