Western clothes spun by tailors! 10 Nostalgic "Old Fashions"

It seems that love has sprouted in the nostalgic atmosphere. Old fashion items that combine elegance and intelligence that are not influenced by trends are items that you can feel the commitment of tailors. There are plenty of nostalgic items that ignite the girl's heart with a calm and familiar feeling and a new style. Fully demonstrate the charm of a woman who is not flattered and try to dress loosely and cutely.

1) Western Ladies Vintage Jacket

A classic jacket. An item with a high formality and an impression of elegant beauty. You can enjoy a rough, unpretentious and timeless style. With a calming color scheme, you can style it casually or beautifully.

2) Light ultramarine classic dress

A classic dress. The light ultramarine blue color creates an elegant atmosphere. It is an item that enhances the attractiveness of potential women. Enjoy the colors with a lovely atmosphere to your heart's content.

3) Marchioness black long dress

Black long dress with a retro feel. You will fall in love with its elegant and beautiful appearance. It looks high waisted and stylish. This item has just the right amount of length to give you a neat look while giving you an elegant look.

4) British classic plaid trench coat

British classical plaid coat. It is an item full of grand dignity. The size and texture are loose, so you can enjoy a rough and unpretentious casual outfit. The moderate length will elevate it to an adult casual look.

5) Embroidered blouse with floral decoration

A blouse with an embroidered floral pattern that exudes a neat atmosphere. A feminine silhouette and embroidered embellishments all over loose cheeks. The classical design is beautiful, and it is an item that creates a dignified woman.

6) Western Ladies Vintage Blouse

A pretty blouse that will make you look like a lovely woman. The ribbon decoration on the chest feels elegant. Classic design makes you imagine a taciturn lady. Try to style up to an elegant woman.

7) Mulberry brown French wide leg pants

Casual and comfortable wide-leg pants. A must-have item for rough and unpretentious casual outfits. This item can be worn loosely, so please enjoy coordinating it with your favorite blouse. Try to elevate your usual girly outfit with a combination that gives you a sense of style.

8) British retro plaid blouse

Plaid blouse with a casual yet retro feel. It looks great when paired with similar colored bottoms. A feminine look with a long skirt for a feminine look. Coordination with pants is also cute and recommended.

9) British classic floral long dress

Floral long dress with pleats in autumn colors. The waist position is high, so it is an item that makes you look stylish. In the cold season, we recommend styling with a turtle as an inner layer.

10) Taisho retro vintage blouse

Taisho retro vintage blouse. The white pearl buttons sparkle beautifully. It is an item with a neat and clean scent. Feminine coordination combined with a skirt will be a feminine outfit. Try to style up to an elegant woman.

How was it? The clothes are filled with the thoughts of tailors, and you can feel the attention to detail. Think about this autumn/winter outfit. You will surely fall in love in an instant.