The clear blue sky is beautiful! 10 selections of "Summer" that shine in the summer grass

A summer grass with lush green leaves. Brightly colored flowers that stand up to the bright summer sun. A dazzling light illuminates the garden of all kinds of flowers. The lush trees are full of power, the green is dazzling, and the sun is pouring down on the ground. Summer is just around the corner, even though the flowers are just beginning to bud. It may be a little early, but I would like to introduce "Summer", which shines in the deep blue of the ultramarine sky.

1) Starry forest color jacket and shorts setup

A set of a jacket and shorts that looks like a forest color lit by starlight. A detachable polka dot scarf is also included. The lush forest color is wonderful with seasonal colors. An item that will give you a mature and cute style.

2) Embroidered dress with a comet moistening the sky

A pale green dress decorated with floral embroidery, like a comet moistening the sky. Comes with an inner camisole. Items that emit a transparent shine have an elegant atmosphere with a sense of cleanliness and gorgeousness.

3) Flower pattern dress that bleeds into mauve

A flower pattern dress that looks like a watercolor painting. The blue mauve flower pattern gives a romantic impression. Swaying in the refreshing breeze gives the impression of a transparent maiden. An item full of hidden loveliness.

4) Hydrangea-colored embroidered dress

A dress with a beautiful hydrangea color. When the wind blows, the scent of fragrant flowers seems to drift. Beautiful lace flower embroidery. It is filled with dignified atmosphere. It is an item that creates a seasonal maiden with a fresh and transparent feeling.

5) Kasumi-colored frill dress with floral scent

A dress with a soft and fluffy impression with a haze-like color that exudes lustrous beauty. Enjoy the beauty of the heroine of a story with this neat and clean dress. For a romantic mood with an adult-like fragility.

6) Green and white plaid embroidered dress

Green and white plaid dress with a retro look. Items with seasonal colors create a neat and clean maiden. A beautiful silhouette that sways softly with movement is a dream of young girls no matter how old they are.

7) Moonlight forest color top and skirt setup

A set of tops and skirts that looks like a forest color lit by the moonlight. The design is decorated with a petal pattern, and you can wear it beautifully with a high-waisted style. Nice bright clear color.

8) Blue jade denim dress

The refreshing summer breeze is pleasant. The clear blue jade denim dress has cute decorated buttons. It features wrinkled sleeves. For girls with a casual yet lovely atmosphere.

9) One-piece dress with twinkling stars

A dress that looks like many stars twinkling in the sky. The heart-shaped stars make the maiden in love look cute. A light-hued dress is like an innocent girl. Enjoy the adult sweet style that gives you a cute adult look.

10) Moon phase color pleated dress

A dress with beautiful colors like the phases of the moon. The square neck that makes your neck look neat and attractive, and the pleated design on the chest creates an elegant lady. A dress with a beautiful silhouette that sways with every step.

How was it? The season when the blue of the sky and the fresh green of the mountains are dazzling. Please enjoy the "Summer" fashion that shines more and more in the sunshine.