You love to dream! 10 pastel colors that make you want to fall in love

Soft and cute feminine "pastel colors" are a sweet ally for a maiden in love. Match your favorite pastel-colored clothes while dyeing your transparent white cheeks in cherry blossom. The spring wind blows and the light pink cherry blossom petals scatter in a warm kasuga-wa, foreshadowing the season of love. Introducing the magical "pastel colors" that make girls look even more attractive!

1) Otome dress with stardust

A cute dress that looks like it's sprinkled with stardust. It is an item that excites the girl's heart. It's a high-waist style, so you can wear it beautifully. A piece that instantly creates a feminine and cute atmosphere.

2) A white-green dress that fills the sky

A refreshing white-green dress. There is a dignified atmosphere with a fleeting scent. The moderate length will elevate it to an adult casual look. Enjoy spring coordination with a feminine atmosphere.

3) Pale mauve frilled blouse

Light red mauve spring blouse. The cuffs and collar create a feminine form. A feminine look with a long skirt for a feminine look. Coordination with denim is also cute and recommended.

4) Anemone petal colored dress

A beautiful dress with the color of anemone petals. The hem that sways with every step creates a pretty woman. Try to complete a neat and casual style up.

5) Pink flower-colored maiden heart dress

A dress with a cute ribbon on the neck. There is a casual atmosphere in the neat and stylish. An item that enhances the charm of women in the coming season.

6) Light floral dress

A high-waisted dress in a beautiful light red color. Floral embroidery shines and creates a pretty atmosphere. A dress that exudes an elegant atmosphere with a sense of cleanliness and glamor.

7) Hydrangea petal color mesh skirt

A skirt in the color of hydrangea petals. A piece with beautiful colors. The skirt that sways softly with each step has both a fleeting and lovely impression. A sweet and cute skirt that can create a girly atmosphere.

8) Crimson mauve dream dress

A beautiful dress with sheer lace and crimson mauve color. It has a feminine atmosphere and makes you feel cute and feminine. The way it sways gently as you walk is beautiful. A piece that has both fragility and pretty impression.

9) Sleek back single-breasted shirt

A beautiful blouse with a unique shape. It creates a clean and bright atmosphere. Coordination with pants is cute and recommended. Feminine coordination combined with a skirt for a feminine look.

10) Shimmering geometric skirt

Every time you walk, it's soft. A maiden's admiration, a dream-like silhouette that spreads softly. A skirt with a cute geometric design and a very elegant finish. You can style it casually or beautifully.

How was it? It is recommended to feel the spring ahead and prepare a romantic spring outfit. Enjoy your own pastel color fashion.