Just like the heroine of a story! 10 selections of "spring retro" like the hero of the movie

Clear blue skies and fresh green sprouts. Spring is here when you want to wear brightly colored clothes and go out. Girls are capricious. It is something that asks for a different atmosphere depending on the mood of the day. Introducing retro and classical items that will make you look like the heroine of a story. Spring retro that makes your heart flutter and your heart beat faster just by wearing it. The long-awaited spring season is coming soon.

1) Court Painting Black Shirt

A court painting blouse that emits a dazzling flash in the darkness. Items that look like glittering stars in the night sky have a retro feel. The fabric is soft and does not easily wrinkle, and the loose sleeves are very nice. An artistic item that makes you feel like you are wearing a painting.

2) misty dawn blouse

A light pink blouse like a misty dawn. It is a slightly loose item made of soft fabric that does not wrinkle easily. Colors like hidden love will make you feel like a girl. The decorated ribbon also creates a flowing stole. For elegant and beautiful ladies.

3) Kirisei jade dress

A dress with jade drawn in a beautiful shade like misty blue in the morning mist. The moderate Chinese taste will tickle your girl's heart and create a lovely atmosphere. Every time I think of wearing it, my cheeks relax. It looks like it's going to be a special dress.

4) Spring flower pattern dress

Spring is in full swing, with flowers blooming and warm sunlight pouring down. A dress designed with pink roses and a handwritten letter from a foreign country. The swaying hem is romantic. The overall relaxed style makes this item perfect for the coming season.

5) Dark green forest-colored plaid dress

A plaid dress in shades like a dense, dark green forest. The waist is decorated with a belt, and just by tying the ribbon on the chest, you can become a maiden with a neat atmosphere. Although it is retro, it is an item reminiscent of a fantastic forest.

6) Black Lady Vintage Strap Dress

A black strappy dress is a closet essential. The pearl-like decoration on the waist adds a dignified beauty. You can wear it beautifully with a high-waisted style. For a girl with an elegant retro atmosphere.

7) Blouse scattered in the setting sun

A blouse designed to flutter in the light of the setting sun. The chain decorated around the neck adds a gorgeous accent. Team it with high-waisted bottoms for a sophisticated look.

8) Plaid blouse from Kotake no Mori

A plaid blouse that shines in a pale green color in the spring sun. The atmosphere is like a small bamboo forest illuminated by the light that comes in. It has a double-breasted style and is also particular about the decoration of the cuffs.

9) Blue green asymmetric skirt

A skirt with a beautiful blue green color. It has an asymmetrical style, and the way it sways with each step creates a transparent maiden. While being illuminated by the midday sun, think about the gentle breeze.

10) Deep blue plaid ribbon dress

A dark blue dress that looks like the endless night sky. The plaid pattern has a classical atmosphere and is wonderful. The large pure white collar is decorated with a polka dot ribbon for a cute look. "Blue" is a beautiful item that is too blue.

How was it? If you have several retro items with different atmospheres, you can expand your range of coordination. Enjoy your own style.