To a world filled with tranquility! 10 Splendid and Enchanting “Winter China”

An ink painting depicting mountains enveloped in deep silence. Lily of the valley flowers stretch their leaves toward the sky while stacking more petals on top of each other. A peony lily whose petals shine as if they are in full bloom under the sun. The full moon hanging in the night sky creates a world full of tranquility in the silvery-black bamboo grove. "Winter China" depicts the motifs of flowers and birds in vivid colors and draws trees and leaves with rough brush strokes. For a glamorous, beautiful and enchanting China girl.

1) Chinese dress with scattered flowers on a jet-black ground

A velvet china dress with flowers scattered on a jet-black ground that looks wet. The white flowers illuminated by the moonlight are fantastic. The shoulder area is boldly cut out. Every time I think of wearing it, my cheeks relax. To a fascinating China girl.

2) Suzuran flower embroidered cheongsam dress

A china dress embroidered with fragrant pure white Suzuran, which means "pure". Lily of the valley flowers stretch their leaves toward the sky while stacking more petals on top of each other. The branches and leaves are swaying in fresh green. It is an item that gives a neat and modest impression.

3) Chinese dress with peony lily embroidery

A china dress embroidered with peony lilies that shine golden in the sun. It seems that the petals are shining as if it is in full bloom now. The pale purple flowers create a magical atmosphere. For a charming China girl who is lustrous and beautiful as if wrapped in the fragrant scent of flowers.

4) Black ink bamboo embroidered Chinese dress

A Chinese dress depicting a bamboo grove that shines in black and silver under the moonlight. The full moon in the night sky illuminates the bamboo grove, and the falling moonlight creates a tranquil world. There is an atmosphere of elegance and splendor. Be a bewitching China girl with a serene silence.

5) Withered rose embroidered cheongsam dress

China dress embroidered with withered roses. A splendid rose whose beauty is eternal. An elegant item with bold cutouts on the chest and back. The softly swaying hem gives an elegant impression. To the splendid world of China.

6) Twilight butterfly and dragonfly embroidery China dress

A China dress embroidered with butterflies and dragonflies dancing gorgeously in the jet-black twilight. The butterflies and dragonflies that fly in an orderly manner unleash a tranquil beauty. It has a bold cutout at the chest and tulle embellishments at the cuffs and hem. An item that expresses order in chaos.

7) Flower pattern China dress that reflects the light flower sky

A china dress with a pale flower pattern that looks like a clear sky. The chest is boldly cut out, and the embellished pearls give a gorgeous impression. The sleeves and hem are decorated with tulle fabric, and the swaying figure is a fascinating China girl.

8) Deep mountain Yukoku landscape Chinese dress

A Chinese dress with a landscape painting depicting mountains wrapped in deep silence. There is a majestic and mysterious world where clouds hang over the sunlit mountains and tall trees take root. There is an atmosphere of elegance and splendor. To a bewitching China girl who wears silence.

9) Red rose China dress that blooms in the dark night

A China dress with bright red roses blooming in the pitch-black night. This item is made by weaving together different fabrics, with bold cut-outs on the shoulders, braided red thread on the waist, and fur decorations from the shoulders to the chest. For an elegant and noble China girl.

10) Light purple hazy floral China dress

A china dress that combines a dreamy light purple color that looks like it's faintly hazy with a jacquard of yuzu flowers that are characterized by a sweet scent. It has soft fur on the shoulders, chest, waist and hem. The softly swaying hem gives an elegant impression. To the splendid world of China.

How was it? The fascinating and gorgeous “China” will make your heart beat faster. Try to create a bewitching atmosphere by incorporating a different taste than usual.