A countess who colors the silver screen! 10 selections of "vintage fashion" in the splendid world of Butoh

How about having the countess wear the elegant dress that the actress used to wear in the romantic comedy? Thinking that it was a secret meeting to keep people from prying eyes, I was indulged in wild fantasies. "Vintage fashion" that combines elegance and sex appeal is a timeless admiration. Please enjoy our recommended "vintage fashion" that sparkles like an oriental pearl.

1) vintage shirt with oil painting

A vintage shirt that looks like an oil painting. An abstract expressionist design. With a loose fit, you can enjoy rough and casual coordination. An artistic item that makes you feel like you are wearing a painting.

2) White indigo fairy queen dress

A blue-white fairy-like dress. There is a dignified atmosphere with a fleeting scent. The moderate length will elevate it to an adult casual look. Enjoy a dress with a feminine atmosphere.

3) Noble dress dressed in jet black

A jet-black dress full of dignity. While drawing out the mysterious charm, the classical atmosphere tickles the girl's heart. The high-waisted style gives off a mature cuteness. Wear black and create a lovely charm.

4) Constellation dress twinkling in the galaxy

A dress with glittering constellations in the galaxy. dream in the galaxy Wish Upon a Star. A sky full of stars shining in the clear sky. In the coming season when the starry sky is beautiful, go out wearing a galaxy. I'm sure your dream will come true.

5) French vintage plaid jacket and wide-leg pants

A jacket and wide-leg pants with a gray plaid that creates an elegant atmosphere. A design that can be worn elegantly with a calm color scheme. This item can be styled casually or beautifully. Enjoy items with a feminine atmosphere.

6) Embroidered dress with red and white roses

A dress embroidered with bright red and pure white roses. It is an item that combines dainty beauty and fragility. The hem that gently sways with each step and the sheer sleeves give a lovely impression. A magnificent dress that will captivate you with its beautiful decorations.

7) Countess's White Vintage Blouse

A pretty blouse that will make you look like a lovely woman. I feel dignity from the ribbon decoration on the chest. The round design reminds me of a taciturn countess. Feminine coordination combined with a skirt will be a feminine outfit. Try to style up to an elegant woman.

8) Light brown and indigo plaid skirt

A long skirt with a light brown and indigo plaid pattern. A dreamy silhouette with a high-waisted style. A beautiful silhouette that sways softly with movement is a dream of young girls no matter how old they are.

9) Jet black embellished blouse

The beauty of the jet black color is eye-catching. A blouse with delicate black embroidery that makes "black" shine beautifully. It has a lovely atmosphere, and although it is "black" with a dark impression, it brings out a lovely sweetness. Enjoy the charm of black with a mature and cute atmosphere to your heart's content.

10) Peach blossom black embroidery long skirt

A long skirt decorated with peach blossoms that tickles the hearts of young girls. The skirt that sways softly with each step has both a fleeting and lovely impression. A cute item that will make you look gorgeous just by wearing it.

How was it? A "vintage fashion" that will make you fall in love with your unfaithful love. Try to create a beautiful lady who makes the night sparkle.