Dinner party tonight! 10 selections of "Autumn Vintage" dressed by the Countess

It goes without saying that the more style drawers you have, the happier your life will be. Vintage fashion like a movie actress in the 1970s creates a lovely lady. Clothes with different views of the world are colorful and beautiful. Just looking at it makes my cheeks relax. Let's go out to a dinner party in a beautiful Western-style building dressed in elegant and refined western clothes.

1) Western plaid retro dress

Plaid dress with a retro feel. The waist part is decorated with a different design fabric with vertical black stripes. A classic item that creates an elegant impression. The exquisite contrast will tickle your heart.

2) navy blue flower pattern dress

A navy blue floral dress that gives off a bewitching beauty. The slim silhouette creates a gorgeous look. This item has a moderately vintage scent. The velvet material makes me happy for the coming season. It looks like it's going to be a special dress.

3) Verdigris leaf pattern dress

A green-blue dress with leaf patterns. The decorative lace on the cuffs makes it even more beautiful. An item with a moderate Chinese taste that will tickle your girl's heart.

4) Deep indigo bear pattern dress

A dress with a cute polar bear illustration. The moderate length will elevate it to an adult casual look. Enjoy a dress with a slightly retro feel.

5) Azure flower pattern dress

An azure floral dress that exudes bewitching beauty. The slim silhouette creates a gorgeous look. This item has a moderately vintage scent. Every time I think of wearing it, my cheeks relax. It looks like it's going to be a special dress.

6) Embroidered Victorian Blouse

A Victorian blouse with fluffy sleeves that tickles the girl's heart. The embroidered decoration creates a lovely atmosphere, giving it a mature and cute style. A lovely design with a feminine impression down to the details.

7) Red pattern French retro skirt

A retro skirt with a beautiful dark brown red pattern. With just the right amount of length, it spreads out into a dreamy silhouette. A beautiful silhouette that sways softly with movement is a dream of young girls no matter how old they are.

8) Jet black Fukihana dress

The beauty of the jet black color is eye-catching. A dress with delicate black embroidery that makes the "black" shine beautifully. It has a lovely atmosphere, and although it is "black" with a dark impression, it brings out a lovely sweetness. Enjoy the charm of black with a mature and cute atmosphere to your heart's content.

9) Pale flower-colored court retro dress

A dress with a floral pattern in a light flower color like a sunny sky. The tight waist and swaying sleeves create a retro atmosphere. Bewitching beauty relaxes your cheeks.

10) Benikake sky blue classic dress

A red sky blue dress that looks like a pale sky blue with a faint crimson tinge. An item that creates a simple yet bewitching atmosphere. Enjoy the charm of Benikake Sky Blue with its lovely atmosphere.

How was it? Items that express dazzling brilliance and voluptuousness create a beautiful and classy woman. Embrace a charming modern Audrey in vintage ladylike style.