Invited by the clear blue sky! 10 selections of transparent “Casual Spring”

“Casual Spring” is simple yet somewhat unique. I like how it can be mixed and matched, easy to match with any outfit, and can be worn without hesitation. Spring marks the end of the days of wearing layers, and the mood becomes radiant. Enjoy spring-like fashion by wearing a shirt or a pastel-colored jacket. Introducing “Casual Spring” that is easy to match with your own clothes.

1) Wet feather color lady camisole dress

A jet black camisole dress with a wet gloss. It has a drape and an elegant swaying appearance. Easy to match with any outfit depending on the top. Pair it with a belt for a sharp and stylish look.


2) Watercolor flower print long shirt

A long shirt with watercolor prints of beautiful flowers. The colorful flowers and plants are drawn in detail, and it is like an elegant paradise world. The long length allows you to wear it loosely and casually.

3) Deep blue sky blue zip-up rib knit

Zip-up rib knit with a relatively slim design. I love the color of the clear blue sky. The sleeves are relatively long, and combined with the vertical line effect, you can wear it in a neat style.

4) Jet black drape flared pants

Draped flared pants that can be worn casually. The flared silhouette that spreads toward the hem creates the effect of making your legs look longer. It is an item that is easy to move and easy to wear because it is stretchy.

5) White-green long jacket with morning mist

A white-green long jacket with a relaxed drape. There is one button in the center, and it has a design that looks like it has a notch on the side. We also recommend coordinating it with a halter neck vest of the same color. Please wear it loosely and casually.

6) White embroidered long sleeve shirt

A white embroidered long shirt filled with dignified moonlight. An open collar item that makes the neck look neat. It gives a refreshing and transparent impression with a relaxed style. Try to dress loosely and casually.

7) Whitish sky blue embroidered short jacket

A short jacket with a slightly vertical line that gives you a clean impression. I love the color of the clear, white sky. It goes great with high-waisted bottoms. The fabric is smooth and thin, so you can wear it until summer.

8) Black Lady Cutout Leather Jacket

Leather jacket with bold cut-outs and spun together of different fabrics. A crossed band from the collar to the chest is tied at the back. It has broad shoulders and a slim design from the chest down. For an elegant jet-black lady.

9) Morning mist white green halter neck vest

A halter neck vest with an open collar and open back design. Match it with your favorite tops such as tank tops and cut and sewn tops. Pair with high-waisted bottoms for a stylish look. We also recommend coordinating it with a jacket of the same color.

10) Striped polo knit with black and white stripes

A polo knit with a black and white striped pattern that creates a casual atmosphere. The front and back have different lengths. Items with a relaxed drape look great with casual bottoms.

How was it? “Casual Spring”, which is not too simple and does not overemphasize individuality, will become an indispensable item in your spring wardrobe.