Wearing the spring haze of dawn! 10 selections of "Spring" sparkling in spring light

A spring haze at dawn drifting over the fields and mountains in early spring. In the early afternoon, the haze has disappeared, and the clear blue sky looks down on us. Before you know it, the plum blossoms will fall, and the peach and cherry blossoms will begin to bloom. The "spring" clothes that are bathed in the sunlight leaking through the sprouting young leaves sparkle. It is as if the sunlight filtering through the trees is smiling. The season when the uplifting heart becomes uncontrollable. Ah, I love spring.

1) Shunko flower embroidery dress

A dress that shines in the spring sunshine. The flower embroidery on the chest and cuffs is bathed in clear light and blooms in full bloom. To a beautiful maiden clad in pure flowers. It is an item that creates a dignified woman gorgeously.

2) Hanakage houndstooth skirt

A houndstooth checkered skirt that gives off an air of an elegant countess. I am attracted to the style of the mermaid silhouette. The center part of the skirt is decorated with floral lace, giving it a bewitching and elegant impression. For lovely and seductive women.

3) Crimson wisteria haze colored corset knit dress

A knit dress with a tight style that creates a bewitching atmosphere. The corset decoration on the waist is beautiful. It is an item with a sense of transparency and a noble atmosphere. Dress like a beautiful lady.

4) Oiran top with pine, crane and plum

A white crane gracefully dances over a pine tree. Blooming plum blossoms. A short-length top with a pattern that looks like an ukiyo-e print. It has a style that makes your collarbone look beautiful, giving you the atmosphere of a courtesan dressed up.

5) Toki-colored French frill blouse

A brown French blouse with boldly decorated frills. It is a comfortable item with a smooth touch. There is also a retro atmosphere, and it creates a dignified woman gorgeously. Try to style up to an elegant woman.

6) Fukihana dress in navy blue

A dress that catches the eye with its jet black color and the beauty of the flower navy blue lace. Delicate floral embroidery creates a gorgeous lady. The chest is decorated with a ribbon, giving it a lovely atmosphere. A magnificent dress that will captivate you with its beautiful decorations.

7) Floral pattern French skirt with black shadow

A French skirt embroidered with a flower pattern that was illuminated by the moonlight and became a black shadow, and a petal pattern. The skirt that sways gently with each step creates an elegant atmosphere. Pair with a light-colored blouse for a translucent maiden look.

8) Sky blue vertical striped jacket and shorts setup

A set of a jacket and shorts with a beautiful "blue" that overflows in the clear sky. The clear sky turns clear light blue, giving off a mysterious tranquility. An item that can be worn casually with seasonal colors.

9) Gunho flower embroidery ribbon blouse

A ribbon blouse embroidered with a Gunho flower pattern. It is an item with a lattice pattern that creates a refreshing seasonal feeling. Coordinating it with a skirt creates a neat and maiden-like atmosphere. Coordination with pants is also cute and recommended.

10) Sky Blue French Skirt in White Group

A French skirt like the vivid sky blue of the white group. It has a high-waisted style, and the button decoration that shines like jade is beautiful. I am fascinated by the way it sways and sways every time I walk. I like the color of the clear blue sky.

How was it? The season when the fragrant scent of flowers drifts in the spring breeze. Wear spring-like clothes and liven up your maiden heart.