Light shines through the clouds! 10 selections of "Summer Dress" swaying in the breeze

In the morning haze that hangs over the quiet garden, light is shining through the clouds. The "Summer Dress" shining in the faint sunlight creates a beautiful summer maiden. The early summer breeze that blows through is refreshing. Yes, I like this season when it feels sunny. The fresh breeze blowing through the young leaves makes the "Summer Dress" sway lightly. To the beautiful summer maiden.

1) Heavenly Blue Misty Blue Retro Dress

A retro dress with a beautiful "blue" that overflows in the clear sky. The clear sky turns clear light blue, giving off a mysterious tranquility. Nice button embellishment on the chest. Enjoy a dress with a feminine atmosphere with a fleeting scent.

2) Floral pattern French dress that blooms in red

A floral dress with a design that fuses a French dress and a Chinese dress. The collar part has a little bit of china, and the frills on the chest are cute, creating a bewitching atmosphere. It has just the right length and is soft to the touch.

3) Lilac floral dress

A dress with a light purple lilac flower pattern. Comes with an inner camisole. The flower language of lilac is "budding of love". Items that emit a transparent shine have an elegant atmosphere with a sense of cleanliness and gorgeousness.

4) French dress with black shadow flower pattern

A French dress with a floral pattern that is illuminated by the moonlight and becomes a black shadow. The dress that sways with every step gives an elegant atmosphere. The black velvet waist ribbon gives a gorgeous impression.

5) Flower pattern retro dress that blooms in the middle of the night

A lovely French dress with a retro floral pattern that blooms in the middle of the night. You can wear it in style with a high waist. The flower pattern that blooms gorgeously creates a bewitching lady. I can't help but fall in love with her beautiful appearance.

6) British tea party plaid dress

Fragrant English tea and sweet treats. The afternoon tea party is a social gathering place for ladies. A plaid dress with an atmosphere like that of an English lady. The slanted checkered pattern creates a grand impression. Exquisite contrast creates a retro atmosphere.

7) White violet floral stationery dress

A dress with a flower pattern drawn in purple that is close to white, like a white violet flower. Letters written on stationery overlap to create a retro atmosphere. The white lace collar and the ribbon decoration on the collar are romantic. Enjoy a dress with a lovely atmosphere to your heart's content.

8) Taoyuankyo Unicorn Dress

It is a paradise surrounded by peach trees. A dress with pale pink flowers blooming and a phantom unicorn drawn. A gorgeous world like the fantasy world you dreamed of when you were a girl. Pale pastel colors will enhance your maiden heart.

9) Summer Strawberry Group French Dress

A French dress depicting a cluster of summer strawberries dyed in crimson red. Illuminated by the sun, the vividly shining colors are full of a sense of the season and are wonderful. The high waist allows you to wear it in style. Try to produce a beautiful maiden.

10) A dress that twinkles with a fallen butterfly

A white dress decorated with butterflies that shine like falling drops. The chest is decorated with lace embroidery. A long skirt is attached to the inner and is not see-through. Every time it blows in the wind and sways softly, it creates a fairy-like atmosphere.

How was it? The "Summer Dress" illuminated by the faint sunlight gives off a freshness suitable for early summer. The sweet scent of flowers seems to waft from the items swayed by the whimsical wind. Please check it out.