Midnight dinner party! 10 selections of "Winter Vintage" to dress up for a party

These exciting clothes make you feel as if you have entered the world of fairy tales and stories. Tonight is the Imperial Court Banquet held at the State Guest House. Dressing up for the night of the ball is a "Winter Vintage" fashion with a brilliant aura. A mature item with a casual mood while creating a bewitching atmosphere. Clothes that are spun out of layers of beautiful elements brightly illuminate even the pitch-black night sky.

1) British plaid tweed skirt and corset embellished vest

A plaid skirt with a British classical atmosphere and a corset-decorated vest. The movement that sways smoothly every time you walk is an adult appearance. It is a calm color that considers ease of use and ease of matching in everyday life. You can style it with a beautiful balance even when paired with a feminine top.

2) Black Lady Vintage Strap Skirt

Strap skirt full of vintage atmosphere. The waist is high, so you can wear it with style. The dream-like silhouette that spreads softly with every step is beautiful. Strap skirts that sway softly with movement are the dream of young girls no matter how old they are. Coordination with a belt is recommended.

3) Turtleneck knit that invites you to starry night

A turtleneck knit that will keep you warm in the coming season. The slender style creates a feminine atmosphere. This item has just the right amount of length to give you a neat look while giving you an elegant look.

4) Black princess frilly strap dress

A strap dress full of French retro atmosphere. The frills on the shoulder line create a cute maiden look. Although it is "black" with a dark impression, it brings out a lovely sweetness. Enjoy the charm of black with a cute atmosphere to your heart's content.

5) Lady corduroy skirt to dress up

Clear ultramarine blue and brown corduroy skirt like cinnamon. It has a moderate length and can be worn casually. The beautiful silhouette that gently sways with your movements will loosen your cheeks every time you wear it.

6) Black Lady Hepburn Wool Coat

A jet-black wool coat that gives a glamorous impression to a lady. It has a lovely atmosphere, and although it is "black" with a dark impression, it brings out a lovely sweetness. Enjoy the charm of black with a mature and cute atmosphere to your heart's content.

7) Magenta plaid vintage dress

A purple plaid dress with a retro feel. The atmosphere of French taste will tickle your girl's heart. A pretty maiden standing on a street corner in Paris. The long length gives it a mature and casual look. Enjoy a dress with a feminine atmosphere.

8) White tea ball corduroy dress

Tonight's ball is a white-brown corduroy dress. The special button decoration that shines on the chest and the heart-patterned polka dot pattern create a splendid maiden. It is an item that has a romantic scent while unleashing a neat and clean atmosphere.

9) Knit sweatshirts from the literary world

A knit sweatshirt reminiscent of a literary girl with a retro feel. This item has a soft and fluffy texture. Enter the fantastic literary world by wearing a coordinated outfit with a long black skirt.

10) Oil Painting Floral Jacquard Skirt

A jacquard skirt with a beautiful flower pattern that looks like an oil painting. The vintage-style floral skirt that gently spreads is reminiscent of the good old days. A design that can be worn elegantly with a calm color scheme. It is an item that creates a beautiful lady.

How was it? This season is the time when fashion becomes the most fun. Find your favorite clothes that will ignite your girlish spirit. Trying to create a different atmosphere than usual is an opportunity to expand the range of women.