Admired English lady! 10 classic British fashions full of dignity and dignity

beautiful garden. Afternoon tea. The British culture, with its traditional style and elegant glamor, is an eternal admiration. The traditional style that has been handed down from ancient times is imbued with dignity and composure. "British Classic Fashion" is a harmony of the designer's individuality with such "British Classic". Please take a look at the luxurious and magnificent items that are beautifully decorated.

1) Countess navy blue classic skirt

A classic pleated skirt in navy blue. This item has a noble atmosphere of the good old days, with attention to details such as belts and buckles. This elegant and feminine skirt has just the right length to make you look neat and elegant.

2) British girl's embroidered collar striped shirt

A striped shirt with a beautiful lace embroidered collar and button decorations on the chest. The freshness that a refreshing fragrance rises up. It creates a clean and elegant atmosphere. Feminine coordination combined with a skirt for a feminine look.

3) Madame Pearl Classic Silk Blouse

A fateful silk blouse created through detailed work by craftsmen. It glistens smoothly like an oriental pearl, exuding a noble atmosphere. For a beautiful woman who wears an aura like a shining jewel.

4) Earl's champagne gold skirt

An elegant skirt full of dignity for the daughter of a count. Silk material with luster like pearl gives off gorgeous aura. Dressed in jewels and wearing a champagne gold skirt, the lady is glamorous and beautiful.

5) Peacock blue classic knit dress

A peacock blue that looks like a refreshing blue sea. A knit dress for a classy lady. The deep and quiet ultramarine blue shines even more in the sunlight. Wear a pearl necklace to create a classy ladylike look.

6) Classic British Benikake Sky Blue Pants

Pale blue with a faint reddish tinge. The deep and clear color of the pants gives off an elegant aura like a quiet lake. British classic pants that are reminiscent of the good old days, but also feel new. Aim for an elegant and sophisticated lady.

7) Floral embroidery silk ribbon blouse

A white silk blouse that expresses the gracefulness and splendid beauty of a maiden. The ribbon that extends from the chest is embroidered with a "calla lily" named for its resemblance to the nun's collar. A blouse for ladies that shines white like a pure and innocent lily.

8) Vintage skirt with blooming tulips

A skirt that looks like a field of tulips, like tulips in full bloom. It has a vintage atmosphere and is designed like an oil painting. The skirt swayed by the whimsical wind shines beautifully.

9) Jacquard blouse with blooming roses

A rose-patterned blouse filled with soft light. The jacquard fabric with large roses has a light luster and gives a modest yet gorgeous impression. The pleated design creates elegance and class, giving it a somewhat vintage feel. It is also recommended to wear it like a set up with a skirt of the same design.

10) English lady's crimson rose skirt

The rose flower loved by British people. A skirt designed with a bright red rose pattern that looks like an English garden. This item is made of silk material that feels good on the skin and has a smooth and pale luster like a pearl. Please enjoy the beautiful English roses.

How was it? A lot of British classic fashion that looks like the leading actress of a classic movie. Spending time surrounded by your favorite things is an irreplaceable time.