In a corner of an unknown constellation! 10 selections of "Autumn" that shines in the ultramarine night sky

When you look up at the falling starry sky, a clear deep indigo sky spreads out before you. The autumn night sky is highly transparent, and the stars seem to shine brighter than usual, making your heart beat faster. The world illuminated by starlight is like the main character of a fairy tale. Introducing "Autumn Fashion" that gives off a dazzling dazzle that is as bright as the stars that brighten up such a maiden in the long autumn nights.

1) Medieval princess velvet dress

A dress with a retro impression with glossy velvet and pearl decorations on the chest. The upper body is based on the costume of an 18th-century European court lady, and has a noble atmosphere. Wear black and create a lovely charm.

2) Ultramarine blue strap dress

A lapis lazuli strap dress that looks like a night sky with twinkling stars. The chest is decorated with lace-up. It has a flowing drape and is recommended to be coordinated with a blouse. Enjoy the charm of ultramarine like the glittering night sky.

3) night sky red rose black dress

A dress that looks like a bright red rose blooming in the night sky. The moderate slit gives it a bewitching atmosphere. It is made of sturdy and glossy satin fabric, and the cuffs have a wrinkled design that makes your arms look longer. Elegant and romantic item.

4) Oil painting jacquard dress

A dress decorated with beautiful oil paintings on the chest. The combination with fretwork fabric creates a retro and noble atmosphere. The flower pattern drawn with blue oil creates a bewitching lady. Every time I think of wearing it, my cheeks relax.

5) Seagulls in the waves and sky blue dress

A dress drawn by seagulls in the waves like a picture scroll. Nice contrast with the clear blue sky. The upper body is designed like a shirt, and the waist position is high, so you can wear it beautifully. The way it gently sways as you walk is romantic.

6) Black Lady Vintage Strap Skirt

Strap skirt full of vintage atmosphere. The waist is high, so you can wear it with style. The dream-like silhouette that spreads softly with every step is beautiful. Strap skirts that sway softly with movement are the dream of young girls no matter how old they are. Coordination with a belt is recommended.

7) Turtleneck knit that invites you to starry night

A turtleneck knit that will keep you warm in the coming season. The slender style creates a feminine atmosphere. This item has just the right amount of length to give you a neat look while giving you an elegant look.

8) Pure white ice flower French blouse

A white blouse with a watermark pattern that looks like an ice flower. The fabric is soft and does not easily wrinkle, and the loose sleeves are very nice. There is a lining so you can wear it without being see-through. A neat and refreshing item that feels like a cool breeze is blowing.

9) Leaf shade forest color French retro skirt

A French skirt with a vintage feel from the 1950s. The characteristic feature is that the front part on both sides of the waist has creases that create a beautiful curve. The contoured skirt loosens your cheeks every time you wear it.

10) Starlight Moonlight French Blouse

A French blouse with a color that looks like it was illuminated by the moonlight. The loose sleeves and frills on the shoulders create a lovely feminine look. A blouse with a faint sheen is like a cold, shining moonlight. Try to style up to a woman full of dignity.

How was it? Around this time I feel the change of seasons. Clothes that you choose with your intuition that you like are clothes that are unique to you. I hope you have a good encounter with the clothes you like.