I love blue! 10 selections of "Blue" in the beautiful blue world

Blue like a clear ultramarine sky. Mysterious deep sea blue. Blue like the blue jade of shining jewels. Blue like a fantastic pond deep in the forest. Blue like the color of the night sky where the stars twinkle. Any kind of blue is mysterious, and it's easy to get sucked into it. Around this time, I feel the signs of spring and feel nervous. Welcome to the exciting world of "blue" that makes you feel radiant.

1) Blue lapis navy striped blouse

A striped shirt with a lovely navy blue color. A collar with a rounded tip and enamel buttons filled with yellow flowers are lovely. It is an item that especially shines in classical coordination with a jacket.

2) Ice Jewel China Dress

A blue jade dress that relaxes your cheeks with its bewitching beauty. The moderate Chinese taste will tickle the girl's heart, and the design that has been particular about details has an elegant taste. Decorated accessories are removable. Welcome to the lovely and beautiful world.

3) Peacock blue fairy dress

A beautiful peacock blue dress that resembles peacock feathers. The asymmetrical dress creates a fairy-like atmosphere every time it sways. Spring is finally coming. The arrival of the exciting season lifts my spirits and makes me want to dance.

4) blue jade plaid dress

A plaid dress with an atmosphere like a quiet and beautiful literary girl. Tighten your waist and emphasize your style. The clear blue jade color is also nice. For girls with a casual yet lovely atmosphere.

5) Blue Mauve French Blouse

i like blue The shade of blue, like a clear blue sky, makes us feel bright and sunny. The decorated lace is full of dignity, giving the impression of a transparent maiden. An item full of hidden loveliness.

6) Ultramarine asymmetric blouse

Ultramarine blouse with asymmetrical style. The shade of the sky blue of the clear blue sky is wonderful. Although it has a casual taste, it is an item with a cute atmosphere. Coordinate with pants for a feminine look. We also recommend pairing it with a skirt for a cute and feminine look.

7) Lapis navy blue polka dot vintage dress

A polka-dot dress with a beautiful lapis lazuli navy blue color. It has a moderate length, and the high-waisted style gives an elegant impression. An item that creates a feminine atmosphere for a classy lady.

8) Dark blue classic double-breasted jacket

A beautiful royal blue double-breasted jacket. It can be worn in a wide range of ways, from dignified and elegant styles to casual occasions. It is an item full of dignified dignity with a classical atmosphere.

9) Indigo flower pattern romantic dress

An indigo-dyed dress with a delicately drawn floral pattern. The included stole is removable, allowing you to enjoy a romantic atmosphere. Blown in the early spring breeze, the one-piece flutters and flutters, revealing and hiding a grown-up sophistication.

10) Benikake sky blue classic dress

A red sky blue dress that looks like a pale sky blue with a faint crimson tinge. An item that creates a simple yet bewitching atmosphere. Enjoy the charm of Benikake Sky Blue with its lovely atmosphere.

How was it? I miss the blue sky so much that it's too blue, and I can't help but reach out my hand. Ah, the long-awaited spring is coming.