A beautiful "blue" like a jewel! 10 selections of the highest purity "Blue"

Mysterious blue. captivating blue. Somewhat painful blue. Blue like a clear blue sea. Blue like a clear sky. Any kind of "blue" unleashes a jewel-like beauty. The fantastical "blue" fashion is a must-see item for girls who want to change the atmosphere a little. Introducing our recommended "blue" fashion that you can enjoy the charm of "blue" to your heart's content! The bewitching beauty of "blue" will make your cheeks relax.

1) Queen's lapis lazuli classical trench coat

A deep blue trench coat that resembles the sacred gem called "lapis lazuli". I am fascinated by the fantastic azure color with transparency and vividness. The fabric is thick and drapey, so you can wear it loosely. A coat that combines elegant beauty with elegant comfort.

2) Jewel-like sky blue sweater cardigan

A sweater cardigan that looks like a clear sky like a jewel. I fell in love at first sight with beautiful colors like the sky of paradise. The buttons on the chest are also decorated with different buttons. It is sure to become a special item for this winter.

3) Sea-colored sweater as clear as a jewel

A sweater cardigan with a color like a clear, jewel-colored sea. The shoulders are decorated with frills, and the scattered pearls give it a noble atmosphere. Enjoy coordinating with high-waisted bottoms such as denim.

4) Dark blue vertical striped umbrella skirt

A navy blue vertical striped umbrella skirt with a nice classical look. The high-waist style creates an elegant and beautiful woman. A wide belt combined with a fluffy skirt gives it a vintage feel.

5) Navy Blue Princess Corduroy Dress

A navy blue one-piece dress that will make a high-class lady look beautiful. The high-necked collar is decorated with lovely lace. It gives off a slightly retro and glossy atmosphere. It is an item that makes a bewitching young lady shine even more.

6) Embroidered windmill blouse

A blouse embroidered with a sketch of a windmill on the hill of Montmartre. It makes us imagine the pastoral landscape and the pleasant breeze that blows through the hills. The sleeves are loose lantern sleeves and the hem is rounded and wavy.

7) Blue indigo plaid umbrella skirt

A Hepburn style umbrella skirt reminiscent of the good old days. The deep blue indigo color is beautiful. The fluffy skirt and large waistband give it a vintage feel. Team it with a blouse and knit for a classic look.

8) Choker slim knit dress for ladies

A slim knit dress that makes your cheeks loose with a bewitching atmosphere. A square neck item with a choker attached. Available in 4 colors: blue, green, black and wine red. It has just the right amount of thickness and elasticity, so you can match it with any bottoms. Choose your favorite color.

9) Blue and indigo abstract painting sweater

A loose sweater like an oil painting painted with blue paint. "Blue" like a clear sky is a wonderful item. Try wearing a large size loosely. It goes well with casual bottoms such as denim.

10) Dark blue flower embroidery knit cardigan

A dark blue knitted cardigan made of lambswool with a soft touch. Cardigans made from thin, soft threads are light and warm. This item is perfect for French vintage style. The woven yellow flower embroidery is beautiful and recommended for everyday use.

How was it? Wear your own "blue" and walk around the city. It will surely become your favorite winter outfit.