A symphony in western clothes! 10 selections of "Autumn Fashion" that play secret feelings

Beautiful music is playing all the time. The hopeful radiance of the clothes gives the impression of nostalgia, sadness, and a faint glow of light. When the refreshing colorless wind blows, I feel the passing seasons and a little melancholy. Choose an autumn outfit with a tranquil atmosphere that shines in the sunshine according to your mood of the day, like a variation.

1) Peacock indigo classic dress

A classic dress with a beautiful clear blue color. The colorful button decoration on the chest is wonderful. Make the most of the atmosphere and coordinate with a slightly retro dreamy girl. Enjoy a dress with a lovely atmosphere to your heart's content.

2) Black-and-white plaid French dress

A black and white plaid dress with a retro and classic feel. An item that gives an impression of refined beauty. Coordinates that are reminiscent of the good old days allow you to enjoy timeless fashion. Please enjoy the autumn dress with the attached belt.

3) Negishi color butterfly decoration coat dress

A coat dress with a cute butterfly decoration on the chest. The dark green Negishi color that creates a retro atmosphere is wonderful. Close the zipper for a dress. If you open it, it becomes a coat. It looks like it's going to be a special item for the upcoming season.

4) Suho retro collar decoration dress

Suho-colored dress with a retro feel. Lovely collar decoration. It has a long length and a high waist, so you can wear it in style. Try to complete a neat and casual style up.

5) Innocent maiden ribbon knit

A pretty knit that will make you look like a lovely woman. I feel dignity from the ribbon decoration on the chest. Please wear it when you feel a little chilly. It is an item that creates a feminine atmosphere.

6) Seiran French Blouse

A pretty blouse with clear colors. The ruffle decoration on the chest gives it a feminine look. A feminine look with a long skirt for a feminine look. Coordination with denim is also cute and recommended.

7) Green-white plaid retro skirt

A green and white plaid skirt with a retro look. Items with seasonal colors create a neat and clean maiden. A beautiful silhouette that sways softly with movement is a dream of young girls no matter how old they are.

8) Fujimurasaki French Blouse

A blouse in a lovely shade of wisteria purple. The ruffles on the chest give it a feminine look. A feminine look with a long skirt for a feminine look. Coordination with denim is also cute and recommended.

9) Wakamurasaki romantic mesh skirt

A skirt decorated with romantic lace fabric. Illuminated by the sun, it shines brightly. Items that create a delicate and pretty maiden sway with every step.

10) Soft knit loose cardigan

A knit cardigan that is soft and fluffy to the touch. A must-have item for your autumn/winter wardrobe. It creates a maiden with a cute atmosphere and creates a cute adult style.

How was it? In a calm atmosphere, clothes with gentle colors will shake your heart. A fashion show while humming your favorite melody. Show off your latent maiden charm.