Parisienne's secret outfit! 10 nostalgic “Paris Retro”

Looking out the window, a drizzle was falling, drizzling the cobblestones in gray. How beautiful is Paris in the rain? In the afternoon, the sun shines brightly through the clouds, and you can hear lively chatter from the Maison, which overlooks the lazy Seine. Early summer with fresh air. Wearing your favorite “Paris Retro” clothes, you will want to take a leisurely walk along the riverside tree-lined streets.

1) Forget-me-not lady pleated retro dress

A pleated dress with a faint and clear color like a forget-me-not flower. The collar is decorated with lace embroidery, and the waist is decorated with a belt that hangs down at the back and is tied with a ribbon. Like a noble lady full of dignity.

2) Reddish brown polka dot retro dress

A French retro dress with reddish brown polka dots reminiscent of the good old days. It makes you feel like the main character in a French movie. The collar is relatively large and decorated with bands on the sides.

3) Pure white polka dot French dress

A pure white polka dot dress with a neat impression. The shoulders are transparent, like a maiden full of transparency. The hem is relatively voluminous, and the way it sways gently every time you walk is elegant. The black button on the chest tightens so that it does not become too sweet.

4) Peacock Blue Plaid Retro Dress

A peacock blue plaid dress that looks like the blue feathers of a peacock. It has a square neck that makes your neck look neat and attractive, and the chest is decorated with pearls and ribbons. Pair with your favorite necklace for a slightly retro look.

5) Peacock Green Lady French Retro Dress

A blue-green dress like the beautiful blue-green feathers of a peacock. The chest is decorated with amber buttons. An item with a good old classical atmosphere. You can wear it well with a calm color scheme.

6) gray green lady cheongsam blouse

A grey-green Chinese blouse with Chinese decorations on the neck. The decorated buttons are also grayish green. Although it has a gorgeous impression, it also creates a slightly elegant atmosphere. We recommend pairing it with bottoms of the same color.

7) Urahayanagi lady silk blouse

A pale and refreshing silk blouse in willow color. This item has a design that looks like a pure white scarf hanging from the shoulder and fastened with a ring. A slight glossiness gives an elegant atmosphere full of transparency.

8) Lush high-waisted skirt in leaf shade

A skirt that looks like a lush shade of leaves. The high-waisted style is comfortable to wear and has a casual atmosphere. The green like a dense dark green forest is wonderful. Match your favorite tops.

9) Light green embroidered French retro dress

French retro dress with lace embroidery on the collar. The light green dress with a slight sheen creates a modest yet glamorous atmosphere. The design allows you to tie a ribbon at the back, and the decorated pearl buttons give a noble impression.

10) Pure white flower embroidery retro dress

Pure white floral embroidery dress with a retro feel. The sleeves are short and slightly sheer. The flower embroidery that decorates the whole is beautiful, and when the sun shines on it, it creates an elegant maiden with a sense of transparency.

How was it? I want to feel the refreshing Parisian breeze while being illuminated by the faint sunlight filtering through the foliage. A closet of Parisienne's secret clothes.