Walk into a beautiful, quiet forest! 10 selections of "young summer fashion" that twinkles in the sunlight

The rainy season will soon be upon us. It is the season when fresh green leaves wet with rain and dew are beautiful. The rainbow over the horizon that appears after the shower is illuminated by the sun and emits seven glittering colors. The blue sky, which shines like a fresh spring, spreads out in a refreshing way. Introducing our recommended fashion that shines under the soft blue sky during the rainy season.

1) Forest morning mist color tulle skirt

A glittering skirt with beautiful translucent colors in the sunlight. A piece that makes your heart flutter with the gradation of pale and beautiful colors. The skirt that sways softly with each step has both a fleeting and lovely impression. It is an item that can create a girly atmosphere.


2) Moonlight flower embroidery blouse

A blouse with an embroidered floral pattern that exudes a neat atmosphere. For women with transparent sleeves. Cheeks loose on embellished embroidered embellishments throughout. It is an item that creates a dignified woman gorgeously.

3) Short cardigan with silver flower decoration

Floral embroidery short cardigan with glossy lace embroidery. Fluffy sleeves will tickle your girlish heart. It creates a lovely atmosphere and creates a cute adult style. A lovely design that makes you feel feminine in every detail.

4) A royal court dress that captures the blue starry sky

A sky full of stars shining in the blue night sky. A dress that sings eternity in the blue space-time. It quietly celebrates its pure beauty. Looking at the stars in the night sky always makes me dreamy. Under the beautiful starry night sky, you will want to go out wearing the starry sky.

5) Mint-colored dress played by forest spirits

A dress adorned with fresh mint like a veil. An item of the leading role that can be worn with just one piece. The pretty figure illuminated by the shining sunlight creates a neat and pretty girl. A piece full of seasonality with clear colors.

6) Pure white petal embroidery dress

A dress with pure white petal decoration that creates an elegant atmosphere. You will fall in love with its glossy and beautiful appearance. The moderate length creates a neat and neat look. Enjoy a dress with a lovely atmosphere to your heart's content.

7) Ultramarine flower embellished lace dress

A dress decorated with ultramarine flowers. The lace decoration creates a lovely atmosphere. The one-piece that is lit by the shining sun and swayed by the wind has a feminine atmosphere and makes you feel like a pretty woman.

8) Yuran Maiden Embroidered Dress

A flower embroidered dress that creates a transparent and pretty girl. The sheer style gives off an elegant atmosphere with a sense of cleanliness and glamor, and is full of elegance. It is an item that shines like a faint moonlight.

9) Mrs. Paris's evening dress

A jet-black dress full of dignity. While drawing out the mysterious charm, the classical atmosphere tickles the girl's heart. The high-waisted style gives off a mature cuteness. Wear black and create a lovely charm.

10) Hydrangea colored corset dress

Hydrangea colored corset dress. You will fall in love with its glossy and beautiful appearance. The moderate length creates a neat and neat look. Enjoy a dress with a lovely atmosphere to your heart's content.

How was it? The "young summer fashion" bathed in faint sunlight gives off a freshness suitable for early summer. Please enjoy the items that sway the fresh light under the blue sky.