Swaying in the wind of Southern France! 10 maiden "Summer" selections like bouquets

Provence in the south of France is beautiful with clear blue skies and dazzling bright sunshine. As the seasons change from spring to summer, the color of the leaves changes from dark green to dark green, and every early summer, the leaves are wrapped in the color and scent of lavender. Introducing "Summer", which is swayed by the pleasant breeze of the south of France and shines. For a maiden who emits gorgeousness like a bouquet. An unforgettable summer is just around the corner.

1) Jet black night sky color French dress

A black dress that looks like a jet-black night sky. It creates a neat and clean maiden despite the dark "black". Every time I think of wearing it, my cheeks relax. Dressed in black for a lovely and mysterious woman.

2) A calming one-piece that reflects the summer sky

A cute dress with a flower crown-like collar. We have 2 types of clear blue plaid and white. Enjoy a summer dress that exudes the beauty of the heroine of a story to your heart's content.

3) Blue-purple flower crowd French dress

A French dress with a group of blue-purple flowers drawn on it. It's like an innumerable number of stars scattered about. The lace decoration on the collar creates a neat and tidy maiden. A summer dress that shines in the lush summer sky.

4) Literary plaid double-breasted blouse

Plaid blouse with double-breasted style. An item reminiscent of a literary girl. Try pairing it with matching bottoms. Enjoy the coordination with a little retro atmosphere.

5) Young lady's classical blouse

Summer with blue sky and clouds. The blouse of a young lady with clear eyes. Pair it with high-waisted bottoms for added beauty. The classical design is beautiful and creates a dignified woman.

6) British girl's Bermuda pants

Bermuda pants with a retro feel. High-waisted style Bermuda shorts will make your legs look longer. Pair with your favorite belt and suspenders. The timeless Bermuda pants are a wardrobe essential.

7) Western Literature Classical Best

A classical vest with a western retro feel. Excellent compatibility with a simple color blouse. Pair with high-waisted bottoms for a beautiful look. It has a calming color and is easy to use every day.

8) A dress that sways in the sun

A dress for a maiden who sways in the sun. If you listen carefully, you can hear the voice of the wind. A dress that sways and sways every time you walk is wonderful. Enjoy cute items like the heroine of a story to your heart's content.

9) Jacquard dress wishing for unchanging love

A jacquard dress with a cute lace decoration on the chest. It gives a modest and neat impression. The figure illuminated by the sunlight filtering through the foliage creates an elegant atmosphere. For a pretty summer maiden.

10) Frilled blouse that tells a story

A frilled blouse in a light and gentle color. The ruffles on the placket will tickle your girlish heart. Coordinate with Bermuda pants for a boyish look. Coordination with a skirt is also cute and recommended.

How was it? Wearing "Summer" that shines in the lush summer sky, you'll want to go on vacation in Provence, the south of France, where the sun is shining.