A beautiful star ark! 10 selections of "summer fashion" that play music of mystery and fantasy

If you look up, the stars in the sky are shining. The prelude of the stars has ended. "Summer fashion" shining in the moonlight in the bush like a black forest. Items that secretly dance will transform a tear-soaked girl into an adult. "Summer fashion" that shines as brightly as the scattered stars is shimmering and sparkling. Now, the swaying green season is just around the corner.

1) Starry Night Story One Piece

Let's listen carefully to the voice of the sky on a starry night. You will surely hear the symphony played by the night sky. Items with a dignified and ephemeral scent will elevate your outfit to an adult casual look. Enjoy a dress with a feminine atmosphere.


2) Rainy Rainbow Vintage Dress

A dress with colors like a rainbow in the rain. The beauty of the young leaves of the trees wet with the morning mist comes to mind. The glittering one-piece dress creates a bewitching look. The one-piece dress that is illuminated by the light and swayed by the wind has a feminine atmosphere and makes you feel like a pretty woman.

3) French dress that plays a prelude

Park Montsouris, on the outskirts of Paris. A verdant paradise shrouded in mist, with tree spirits playing a prelude. A polka-dot dress is a feminine item that creates a slightly classic atmosphere. Now, enjoy the dress with a lovely atmosphere to your heart's content.

4) Chinese dress with peony pattern

A gorgeous Chinese dress with a gorgeous peony flower pattern that blooms with a large glossy flower. The Chinese style taste creates a bewitching atmosphere. Every time I think of wearing it, my cheeks relax. Be a captivating China girl wearing a blooming peony.

5) Purple rose flower corset dress

A corset dress with a beautiful purple rose flower color. You will fall in love with its glossy and beautiful appearance. The moderate length creates a neat and neat look. Enjoy a dress with a lovely atmosphere to your heart's content.

6) Snow White vintage dress

A white dress with a neat atmosphere. The beauty of the lace embroidery on the chest relaxes your cheeks. The casual ribbon decoration goes well with the pretty design. A piece that creates a beautiful and dignified woman.

7) British lady's plaid dress

Tea time from 4pm. The plaid dress that has the atmosphere of a British lady is elegant and gorgeous. Enjoy British culture with beautiful ceramics and afternoon tea. Please enjoy the dress with a feminine atmosphere.

8) Dark blue skirt with twinkling stars

Mysterious blue. captivating blue. Blue like a glittering night sky. Somewhat painful blue. Any kind of "blue" unleashes a jewel-like beauty. A dark blue skirt that looks like a night sky with twinkling stars is a must-see item for girls who want to change the atmosphere a little. Enjoy the charm of blue that quietly celebrates its clear beauty.

9) Forget-me-not sky blue vintage dress

A sky blue dress with a retro feel. There is a fleeting and dignified atmosphere. You will fall in love with its elegant and beautiful appearance. Make the most of the atmosphere and coordinate with a slightly retro dreamy girl. Enjoy a dress with a lovely atmosphere to your heart's content.

10) heavenly blue flower embroidered dress

A dress decorated with floral embroidery in the "blue" of the clear sky. The clear sky turns clear light blue, giving off a mysterious tranquility. Enjoy a dress with a feminine atmosphere with a fleeting scent.

How was it? "Summer fashion" that shines as brightly as the trees shines brightly under the night sky twinkling with falling stars. May the symphony of summer reach you.