Wear dignified silence! 10 Splendid and Alluring “Summer China”

When the shades of the trees are deep green and the shadows cast are clear, summer has finally arrived. A light breeze blows the surface of the water. A flower of the yuzu tree that smells faintly sweet. A waterside firefly flying under the parapet. I want to sit under a flowering tree and enjoy an elegant feast with a folding fan in my hand. In the night sky, the full moon shines brilliantly, illuminating the slightly crimson cheeks and the bewitching “Summer China” with a hint of intoxication. Be a captivating China girl who unleashes her fresh beauty.

1) Peacock blue floral print cheongsam dress

A china dress with white flowers scattered in a beautiful blue color like the blue feathers of a peacock. The sleeves are soft and puffy, and the waist position is high, giving you a beautiful feminine line. It is an item with an elegant and bewitching atmosphere.

2) Chinese dress with moonlight floral print

A Chinese dress with shadows of flowers cast by the moonlight. The moderate Chinese taste will make you feel like a girl. This item has a high waist position and creates beautiful curves. Try to create a fragile, fantastic and alluring woman.

3) Bamboo grove ink painting cheongsam dress

A Chinese dress depicting a moonlit bamboo forest in black ink. The world of ink painting on a white background makes you feel the tranquility of the bamboo forest. There is an atmosphere of elegance and splendor. Be a bewitching China girl with a serene silence.

4) Long cardigan with floral pattern

A long cardigan with red colored flowers. It comes in two colors, off-white and black. The fabric is relatively loose and soft with a sense of sheerness. If you wear it over a Chinese dress, you will feel a bewitching atmosphere.

5) Indigo green floral dress

A blue-green floral dress with a flower pattern that looks like an oil painting. The hem has a slightly flared mermaid silhouette, and the waist is narrowed and decorated with frills, giving you a beautiful feminine line. It is an item with an elegant and bewitching atmosphere.

6) White peony embroidered China strap dress and embroidered China cape

An embroidered china strap dress and an embroidered china cape with gorgeous blooming white peony flowers. The peony flower is popular as a symbol of wealth and honor for its gorgeous appearance. Wearing the peony that has been written about in poetry, depicted in paintings, and admired, creates a gorgeous and bewitching atmosphere. Enter the fascinating and beautiful world of China.

7) Yellow-dyed flower pattern retro China dress

A Chinese dress with a bewitching atmosphere. The design makes your shoulders look beautiful, and the glossy satin fabric has a gorgeous floral pattern. The neck is decorated with transparent buttons. The captivating beauty relaxes your cheeks.

8) Chinese dress with purple wisteria flower pattern

A Chinese dress depicting purple wisteria flowers in full bloom. It has a design that looks like tulle hanging from the waist. You will be fascinated by the fantastic purple world. For a glossy and beautiful China girl wrapped in the scent of fragrant flowers.

9) Full moon-colored China dress with plum blossom branches

A china dress decorated with embroidery that spreads plum blossom branches in a color that looks like a bright full moon. A detachable embroidered cape is decorated around the shoulders. The fresh luster gives a glossy impression. Enter the fascinating and beautiful world of China.

10) jade robe embroidery cheongsam dress

A jade-like colored China dress embroidered with a peony flower. The ribbon hanging from the waist gives a gorgeous impression. The sleeves are sheer and the neckline is embellished with lace embroidery. For an elegant and refreshing China girl.

How was it? A number of items that will charm you with a beautiful feminine silhouette. For a beautiful maiden who seems to be clad in an elegant and dignified silence.