Look up at the fragrant sky! 10 selections of "Early Summer" that shine in the clear sky

The season when the young leaves of the trees are beautiful and fragrant. A pleasant breeze blows through the lush greenery. I like the fresh air that I feel in the fresh greenery of this season. The season when flowers bloom, greenery grows thick, and birds sing. Spring has just arrived, but early summer will soon be upon us. Introducing "Early Summer" clothes that are perfect for such a fragrant season.

1) Short cardigan with jewel-like buds

A short cardigan with jewel-like buds. It is decorated with fantastic flowers that make you feel as if you have wandered into paradise. A sheer cardigan will give you a translucent maiden look. An item that emits a bright light.

2) Forget-me-not sky blue French retro skirt

A skirt with a retro atmosphere like the sky blue of forget-me-nots. Like the forget-me-not flower, which is said to be a symbol of love for lovers, it is full of love and elegance. A beautiful silhouette that sways softly with movement is a dream of young girls no matter how old they are.

3) Grassland young leaf color French retro skirt

A skirt with a beautiful retro atmosphere that looks like the young leaves of a meadow. With just the right amount of length, it spreads out into a dreamy silhouette. A beautiful silhouette that sways softly with movement is a dream of young girls no matter how old they are.

4) Ink painting flower pattern dress

A dress with a flower pattern drawn in sumi-e. The lace-up decoration on the back is glossy and beautiful, and you can't help but fall in love with it. Like a beautiful lady with the fragrance of flowers. Enjoy a dress with a lovely atmosphere to your heart's content.

5) Summer dress with a scent of wind

One piece with a nice clear light blue color. The wind that blows brings the scent of the season. Tighten the belt to emphasize your style. For girls with a casual yet lovely atmosphere.

6) Flower pattern blouse after rain

A neat and gorgeous blouse. Your heart will flutter with the decorated flower grass pattern. An item that brightens up the surroundings just by wearing it. Coordination with denim is cute and recommended. Coordinate with a skirt for a feminine look.

7) Moonlit white blouse

A blouse with a color that looks like a bright moonlight. I feel the elegant fragrance in the pure nobility. The pearl-like decoration on the chest is lovely. An item that goes well with any bottoms and creates a gorgeous and dignified woman.

8) A literary dress that ticks the clock

A dress with a classical and somewhat literary scent. Tightly tie the waist for a sophisticated and beautiful maiden. Nice big sailor collar. An elegant style that combines neatness and beauty.

9) Forest morning mist color dress

A dress that looks like the morning mist of a forest that shines in the sunlight. A piece that makes your heart flutter with the gradation of pale and beautiful colors. The dress that sways gently with each step has both a fragile and lovely impression. It is an item that can create a girly atmosphere.

10) French retro dress that smokes in the fog

A dress with a Morandi color like a deep fog. It is smooth and soft to the touch. The ribbon decoration on the cuffs and the lace-up decoration on the side are beautiful. A beautiful dress that creates a lovely and elegant woman.

How was it? Clothes with pale and clear colors make you feel radiant. Find your favorite "Early Summer".