Be fascinated by beautiful things! 10 elegant "British classic fashion"

Encountering fashion is the same as falling in love. It's all about whether you like it or not. Classic fashion that tells a story combines grace and style. The joy of choosing clothes freely according to your sensibility and based on "likes". Even if you don't have a use for it right now, it might be a good idea to trust your intuition and buy the clothes you like. Believe in your instincts and search patiently until you find something that hits your spot.

1) Western sumi-e silk blouse

A blouse on which medieval paintings, musical scores, horse-drawn carriages, and flowers are drawn in sumi-e. The pattern drawn with fine brush strokes makes a beautiful woman even more gorgeous. It feels good on the skin and is comfortable to wear. An item that goes well with any bottoms, such as jeans, shorts, and skirts.

2) Lemon vertical striped silk dress

A beautiful vertical striped dress with a bright lemon color. You can wear it with a T-shirt or a thin cardigan, or wear it with denim. Nice contrast with bright red lipstick. It is an item that makes you feel good every time you wear it.

3) Paris Lady Classic Dress

A dress that shines in "black" that creates an elegant lady. Just like a lady standing on a street corner in Paris. It creates a romantic and elegant woman. I also like the gold button decoration. Please have a black dress that colors a beautiful lady.

4) Eustoma floral silk dress

A romantic dress like a field of flowers shrouded in early morning fog. The floral pattern of the lisianthus is beautiful. You will fall in love with its glossy and beautiful appearance. The moderate length creates a neat and neat look. Enjoy a dress with a lovely atmosphere to your heart's content.

5) pale yellow classic jacket

A beautiful pale creamy yellow jacket. Dressed like a heroine in a Roman movie. Try pairing it with a skirt in a similar color to instantly elevate your look. We also recommend pairing it with simple denim for a casual look.

6) British lady's black silk jacket

A silk jacket that will make you look like an elegant British lady. It is an item that stands out for its beauty even though it is modest. Silk stretch satin is used for the lining, and the texture is silky and comfortable to wear. Casual coordination with denim is cute and recommended. Wear it with a dress or a long skirt for a feminine look.

7) Floral embroidery French cardigan

A knit cardigan decorated with cute and delicate floral embroidery. I am happy with the gentle and calming colors. Flower embroidery sewn with crochet is full of craftsmanship. It comes in handy in a cool, air-conditioned room in the summer. If you change the inner, it is an item that you can wear all year round.

8) Indigo linen blouse

A refreshing linen blouse with a beautiful indigo color. It is more elastic than regular linen, and is characterized by its good appearance and comfort. The chest pocket creates a casual atmosphere. The item which was particular about detail although being simple.

9) Art photography and oil painting T-shirt

Black and white art photos are one-shots by up-and-coming artists. A T-shirt with a modest yet cool impression. The oil painting is a piece of an elegant afternoon in the backyard where the sun shines through the trees and the roses are blooming. "Roses" by Danish painter Peder Severin Kroyer. A casual item that goes well with any bottoms, including jeans, shorts, and skirts.

10) Paris Red Rose Short Skirt

A short skirt full of elegance with a bright red rose color called "Parisian red". Under the shining sun, the shining red skirt makes the summer girl shine even more. Although it is a simple style, the button decoration is eye-catching. I want you to wear it with a pure white T-shirt.

How was it? You can be a little proud of yourself when you have clothes that are decorated with dazzling sparkles and elegant decorations. Enjoy the beauty and comfort of British classic fashion.