Earl's Ball! Tonight's splendid "Winter Vintage" 10 selections

Tonight is the count's ball. Like the beautiful flowers blooming in the ballroom, flowers bloom in chatting with gorgeous ladies. An invitation to dance from a French officer disguised as several medals on his chest. The splendid "Winter Vintage" that shines even more brightly in the crowd lights up the ballroom. When I look up at the night sky, the starry night that shines white blesses me tonight. Tonight's ball has just begun.

1) Lady's ball corset earrings dress

Midnight when the moonlight shines. Tonight is a ball at the Earl's residence. A dress decorated with corset earrings is my game dress. The decorative frills peeking out from the cuffs and hem make the lady look pretty. Now it's time to go out.

2) Earl's lady's knit dress

A knit dress with an atmosphere like a lady of a count. The ribbon decoration on the chest makes the beautiful lady look even prettier. It is a feminine item with a slender style. Try to style up to a cute and elegant woman.

3) Wine-colored vintage dress

A dress with a vintage atmosphere with a beautiful wine color. It has a high waist and long length, so you can wear it in style. A magical dress that creates an atmosphere that makes you feel as if you are hiding something. Coordinates decorated with a bowtie are recommended.

4) Velvet skirt to dress up for a dinner party

A vintage velvet skirt that unleashes a jewel-like beauty. Dressing up for a dinner party will make you look like a gorgeous lady. Dark blue, like the lustrous night sky, and passionate wine red. It is an item that quietly fills with clear beauty.

5) Sunflower embroidery vintage dress

A dress decorated with beautiful sunflowers on the chest and cuffs. The item which was full of nostalgic atmospheres. A sunflower that looks like an oil painting creates a bewitching lady. Every time I think of wearing it, my cheeks relax.

6) Brick-colored vintage dress

A nice dress with a brick-like color. Pair it with your favorite blouse to complete a lovely autumn/winter outfit. I love how it sways softly as you walk. A vintage dress that will give you a cute adult look.

7) Red Scarlet Classical Coat Dress

A coat dress with a beautiful scarlet color. This item has a classical atmosphere, and the hem that gently spreads as you walk is wonderful. This item can be worn as a dress or as a trench coat. It looks like it's going to be a special item for the upcoming season.

8) Misty blue dress that smokes in the morning mist

A dress with a beautiful color that looks like misty blue in the morning mist. It is an item with a somewhat elegant impression while having a retro atmosphere. The glossy and fluffy sleeves and the pearl-like button decoration on the chest are wonderful. It's a beautiful one-piece that will captivate your heart.

9) Vertical-striped corset skirt in wine color

A wine-colored vertical striped skirt for a classic look. The high-waisted corset style creates a beautiful woman. The decorated buttons give a grand impression. A beautiful silhouette that sways softly with movement is a dream of young girls no matter how old they are.

10) Light floral retro blouse

A retro blouse with a floral pattern in a light color like the clear sky. The frills and ribbon decorations on the collar create a lovely maiden look. Cheeks loose on an allover embellished floral pattern. It is an item that creates a dignified woman gorgeously.

How was it? The gorgeous and beautiful "Winter Vintage" makes my cheeks relax every time I think of wearing it. It's like being stared at by a dizzyingly handsome Earl.