Like summer flowers blooming in the forest! The smiling sun and 10 colorful “Summer” selections

Sunflower, hydrangea, water lily. When I close my eyes, bright summer flowers come to mind. Surrounded by brightly colored flowers that are as bright as the sun while being swayed by the refreshing breeze, you will be enveloped in a feeling of exhilaration as if you were dreaming. Here are some brightly colored clothes that make you feel like summer flowers and make you want to go out. Summer when the pouring sun shines brightly. Please enjoy colorful clothes as if you were invited to a flower paradise.

1) Moegi lady classical dress

A dress with a color like a forest of green onions blowing in a refreshing breeze. You will be fascinated by the beautiful colors. The sleeves have a loose bulge and the design looks like a band wrapped around the waist, so you can wear it beautifully with a prominent waistline. It is an item with a refreshing atmosphere.

2) Misty blue lady classical dress

A classical dress with a beautiful foggy “blue”. The clear sky turns clear light blue, giving off a mysterious tranquility. Nice ribbon decoration on the chest. The high waist design allows you to wear it with a beautiful silhouette.

3) Tulip Flower Crowd French Blouse

A blouse with a colorful tulip pattern drawn with oil painting. Colorfully blooming tulips are like a flower garden in paradise. Puffy sleeves and a large collar decorated with frills and ribbons give it a lovely look. A gorgeous summer item.

4) Starlight Retro Umbrella Skirt

An umbrella skirt with a dazzlingly bright starlight-like color. The high-waisted design sways softly with every step, creating an elegant atmosphere. The pleats on the side create a flowing and beautiful silhouette.

5) White silk floral pattern retro jacquard dress

A jacquard dress with a pale pink floral pattern drawn on a transparent whitish color. A dress that glitters in the sunlight gives an elegant and romantic impression. Like a pure and innocent young lady in a love story.

6) Cherry blossom camisole dress

Jacquard camisole dress with embroidered petals. Light cherry-colored items give an elegant impression. The waist is high, and the neckline has a teardrop embellishment on the chest. To a neat and gorgeous maiden.

7) Jacquard dress with wind chime flower pattern

A jacquard dress depicting the petals of wind chimes. The collar is large and has a lovely atmosphere. The pale green petals create a summery seasonal feeling. Pair with a waist chain for a refreshing summer maiden look.

8) Moonlight Embroidered Bolero Cardigan

A bolero cardigan embroidered with flowers blooming gorgeously under the fantastic moonlight. The sleeves are loose and decorated with ribbons and frills. It is an item that gives a somewhat fantastic and ephemeral impression. It goes great with a camisole dress.

9) Red peach embroidered jacquard blouse

A jacquard blouse embroidered with bright red peaches. The puffy sleeves and large collar combine to create a sweet atmosphere. Pair with high-waisted bottoms for a cute summer maiden look.

10) Starry night oil painting dress

A dress like the starry night drawn by Van Gogh. It is a light blue item with an elegant impression. A sky full of stars shining in the clear sky. The crescent moon and stars shine brightly in the swirling night sky. Under the beautiful night sky of stars, I want to go out wearing a starry sky.

How was it? Bright clothes that contrast with the blue sky. Come on, summer is almost here.