Longing for an elegant lady! 10 splendid “Spring Retro”

“Spring Retro” is attractive for its universal beauty. Wear elegant and gorgeous clothes and spend an elegant time in a Western-style building that retains the atmosphere of medieval Europe. You can freely enjoy your time alone and enjoy chatting with your loved ones. Victorian clothes that are easy to use every day, reminiscent of the good old days. Dress up in the style you envision and change your daily life into a sparkle.

1) Pale blue-green floral corset dress

A floral dress that blooms in a fantasy world wrapped in morning mist. The lace-up decoration on the back is glossy and beautiful, and you can't help but fall in love with it. Like a beautiful lady with the fragrance of flowers. Enjoy a dress with a lovely atmosphere to your heart's content.

2) Moonlight Lady Dress

A dress like an elegant lady illuminated by the fantastic moonlight. The back collar is decorated with pearls, and the loose sleeves and draped hem give it a noble atmosphere. The waist can be tied with a ribbon at the back.

3) Forest morning mist color French dress

A dress that looks like the morning mist of a forest that shines in the sunlight. You will be thrilled with the pale and beautiful colors. The dress that sways gently with each step has both a fragile and lovely impression. It is an item that can create a neat and elegant atmosphere.

4) Black princess jumper skirt

A jumper skirt with a retro feel. The waist position is high, so you can wear it in style. The wide waist belt gives it a vintage feel. Every time you walk, the silhouette that gently spreads is beautiful.

5) British Plaid Retro Strap Dress

A checkered strap dress with a British retro feel. The waist position is high, so you can wear it in style. Coordination with a transparent white blouse and a blouse with fluffy sleeves is wonderful.

6) Abstract painting oil painting blouse

A blouse that looks like an abstract painting painted with oil. The abstract design is like a blemish painting in which a fantastic world spreads. The neck ribbon hangs down and the cuffs are long, giving it an elegant look. An artistic item that makes you feel like you are wearing a painting.

7) Wine-colored retro umbrella skirt

A high-waisted wine-colored umbrella skirt with a retro feel. The flared hem and wide waistband give it a vintage feel. Team it with a retro blouse for an elegant lady.

8) Embroidered Victorian Blouse

A Victorian blouse with fluffy sleeves that tickles the girl's heart. The embroidered decoration creates a lovely atmosphere, giving it a mature and cute style. A lovely design with a feminine impression down to the details.

9) Lady Victorian Blouse

Victorian blouse with fluffy sleeves. The organ pleats decorated on the cuffs create a noble atmosphere. It is an item that will give you a mature and cute style. A lovely design with a feminine impression down to the details.

10) Wine-colored corset dress

Tonight, when the moonlight shines, there is a ball at the Count's residence. A wine-colored dress with straps on the sides is my dress for tonight. It has a design that looks like a corset is decorated, and you will be fascinated by its glossy and beautiful appearance. It is an item with a romantic atmosphere.

How was it? “Spring Retro” clothes that are loved over time. For an elegant young lady who shines in the spring sunshine.