Admiring the Parisienne! 10 selections of "90's Classic Fashion" for ladies

A girl's eternal admiration, Parisienne. In the beautiful city of Paris, Parisiennes continue to refine their individuality. Timeless dressing teaches us the importance of finding what we like, what is good, and continuing to love it. Parisienne is a very fashionable lifestyle that enjoys life freely and supplely. Here are some items that will make your heart beat faster.

1) French concession high neck slim knit

High neck slim knit with beautiful back decoration. It creates a clean and bright atmosphere. Coordination with pants is cute and recommended. Feminine coordination combined with a skirt for a feminine look.


2) Classic Knit Cardigan for Ladies

A knit cardigan that creates an elegant lady. It has a vintage feel and is an excellent item that can be used for layered styling. Pair with high-waisted bottoms for a beautiful look. We also recommend pairing it with a dress or a long skirt for a feminine look.

3) Lady White Vintage Blouse

A white vintage blouse with a neat atmosphere. Pair it with high-waisted bottoms for added beauty. Try to style up to an elegant woman. The classical design creates a beautiful and dignified woman.

4) oil painting pencil skirt

A pencil skirt with a beautiful flower pattern that looks like an oil painting. It makes your legs look long and attractive. A design that can be worn elegantly with a calm color scheme. It is an item that creates a beautiful lady.

5) Vintage slim knit for young ladies

The wide open neckline makes your neck look beautiful. A slim knit that beautifully colors the supple feminine form. Slim style for a vintage look. Goes great with high-waisted bottoms.

6) Western vintage black trench coat

A trench coat with a vintage feel. This item is full of dignity and elegance, and can be worn as a coat dress. It is made of relatively thick and strong fabric. The metal fittings are carefully selected items with a vintage feel. Also nice with a turtleneck.

7) Floral Embroidered White Vintage Dress

A white vintage dress with a neat atmosphere. The beauty of the flower embroidery on the chest relaxes your cheeks. Every time you walk, it moves and creates a lovely atmosphere. The classical design creates a beautiful and dignified woman.

8) Western Ladies Elegant Pleated Skirt

A pleated skirt with a beautiful silhouette that sways with every movement. It has a beautiful glossy texture. The silhouette is not too wide and the vertical lines of the pleats create a neat style. Nice little retro atmosphere.

9) Countess Frill Cropped Knit

A dream that transcends generations. Beautiful frill knit that never fades. The off-the-shoulder style creates a feminine atmosphere, and it is a piece that can fully open your femininity. Enjoy items with a beautiful atmosphere to your heart's content.

10) Western ladies retro polo knit

A nice polo knit with a French vintage style. I'm happy with the half-length sleeves that are perfect for early autumn outfits. You can wear it comfortably and casually. Pairs perfectly with jeans and a denim skirt.

How was it? A lot of simple but original items. Think of Parisienne and choose autumn fashion so that you can enjoy your clothes.