Blowing in the wind of Provence! 10 selections of “French Summer” that feels like a vacation

Blue sea and white sand beach. A refreshing breeze. shining sun. Lush green trees. A city filled with bright colors. Just imagining a vacation in Provence in the south of France makes my heart race. Moderately clean and elegant. You will want to take a walk under the sunshine filtering through the foliage that sways in the light and wind. Introducing “French Summer” clothes that shine in the clear blue sky of southern France.

1) Blue indigo flower line drawing French dress

A flower line drawing dress that looks like it was drawn on blue flower porcelain. It is an item with a transparent and refreshing atmosphere. The sleeves are loose three-quarter sleeves, the waist position is high, and the waist ribbon can be tied.

2) French retro dress for Western ladies

A French retro dress where you can fully enjoy the feeling of vancance. The waist can be tightened with a ribbon. This item has a faint lattice pattern, giving it the atmosphere of an elegant and refined western lady.

3) British lady's plaid retro dress

A French retro dress with a tartan check pattern that exudes a British retro atmosphere. The deep red color is captivating. The slightly puffed sleeves and loose hem are adorable. The item which had moderate casualness.

4) British plaid retro sleeveless dress

A sleeveless dress with a British retro feel. The red brick-like color gives a nostalgic impression. The shoulders are decorated with ribbons. It is a silhouette that expands while swelling toward the hem.

5) Western girl's literary retro dress

A dress with an atmosphere like a literary girl. The black trimmed collar, cuffs and chest pocket give it a retro look. The hem that sways gently with each step is lovely. Tie the waist ribbon tightly and enjoy the French retro atmosphere.

6) Nadeshiko oil painting retro blouse

A blouse that looks like an oil painting with a gorgeous shade of pink. It looks like a gorgeous jewel with a color that changes from nadeshiko to light green. It has a wrinkled design, and the rounded collar creates a lovely young lady.

7) French retro dress for an innocent young lady

A French retro dress with lace embroidery on the collar and placket. The waist can be tightened with a ribbon. An item that creates a neat and elegant young lady. A dress with a mature finish that exudes a casual atmosphere.

8) Starlight Princess French Dress

A dress with a faint, fantastically shining starlight-like color. This item is sewn with twill fabric, and the placket and cuffs are decorated with lace embroidery. Tie the waist ribbon tightly and enjoy the French retro atmosphere.

9) French retro dress for a blue-green lady

A sky green dress with a slightly retro feel. It features a high-waisted design with a wide elastic waistband. The top of the chest pocket is decorated with a ribbon. With a relatively relaxed silhouette, you can wear it casually.

10) Embroidered blouse for a tuxedo-colored lady

A taffeta-colored embroidered blouse with the sleeves tightened and flared toward the cuffs. You will be captivated by the gorgeous colors of red azalea flowers. The cuffs and cuffs are embellished with lace embroidery. The rounded collar creates a lovely maiden look.

How was it? It's not just the cute clothes that make my heart beat faster, but maybe it's because I have a faint hope for a summer romance. Come on, let's go out on the town with your favorite clothes.