Fascinated by the fantastic world view! 10 splendid "Summer China"

Basking in the bright light of early summer and looking at the willow leaves rustling in the wind, you can't help but feel a sense of loneliness. "Summer China" with a bewitching impression unleashes a fantastic atmosphere like another world. As dusk approaches, the sound of wind chimes can be heard from the quiet backyard. A sigh of admiration spills over the "China Girl" who wears fresh beauty.

1) Ultramarine white crane pattern dress

A dress with a white crane dancing in the ultramarine sky. The clouds shining in the setting sun are also wonderful. The moderate Chinese style taste will tickle your girl's heart. Bewitching beauty relaxes your cheeks. It looks like it's going to be a special dress.

2) Dark-eyed Lady Cheongsam Dress

A china dress with a large hem that sways with every step. Attaching a jet-black chain belt gives it a bewitching yet slightly hard impression. It is an item that brings out a mysterious charm.

3) Chinese dress with floral embroidery that plays with the wind

A china dress decorated with colorful floral patterns that play with the wind. The floral pattern is embroidered with fine gold thread. Comfortable item with a relaxed fit. The cuffs are layered with soft chiffon to fit your arms. A French romantic Chinese dress.

4) Rose top and plaid cheongsam skirt

A top decorated with a small rose on the neck and a Chinese skirt with a nadeshiko-colored check pattern. The chain around the neck can be removed. The skirt has just the right amount of Chinese flair that enhances the girl's heart. For an elegant China girl.

5) Indigo flower pattern China dress that reminds you of the night sky

A Chinese dress designed with a refreshing and elegant floral pattern in an indigo color reminiscent of the night sky. Items that have a drape and release a flowing beauty create a bewitching atmosphere. The soft frills and fine curves are romantic.

6) Floral Chinese dress bathed in blue moonlight

A Chinese dress with a floral pattern that looks like it was illuminated by the blue moonlight. It is an item with a fantastic atmosphere. The vertical striped pattern gives the body shape an elongated impression. The fabric is light and drapeable. Spread your arms like a butterfly flapping its wings.

7) Floral embroidery China dress that blooms in drizzle

A Chinese dress with a flower pattern that looks like it bloomed in a drizzle. The translucent floral pattern creates a romantic atmosphere. The gold thread floral lace gives a fairy and luxurious impression. This item has a slightly rounded design that makes your body line look beautiful.

8) Deep scarlet flower pattern China dress

A Chinese dress with a deep scarlet flower pattern. An item that creates a gorgeous and bewitching atmosphere. Items with a foreign scent are somewhat mysterious. Dressed in cheongsam, she becomes a pure and transparent maiden.

9) Polka dot Chinese blouse and skirt dyed in the sun

A set of a polka-dot top and a skirt that looks like it's been dyed in the sun. It is an item that attracts the heart with a little Chinese decoration. Swaying in the cool evening breeze, I feel a sense of melancholy.

10) Crimson flower pattern cheongsam dress

China dress with crimson flower pattern. The loose puff sleeves and high-waist style are elegant. The one piece shining in the sunlight is beautiful. It creates a refreshing and pure-hearted maiden.

How was it? "Summer China" creates a delicate atmosphere just by wearing it, and creates a transparent girl. Be a gorgeous Chinese beauty with a different fashion than usual!