Beautiful Parisienne! 10 "Paris Classical" of noble ladies

Winter in Paris is refreshing, pleasantly dry, and sharp in the cold. Red, gold, and green flash brightly in the windows of cafes throughout the city. Beaujolais red is ordered at a restaurant in a small alley on the hill of Montmartre. Try directing a splendid Parisian lady standing in the slightly burnt city of Paris. Introducing "Paris Classical" that creates an atmosphere like a noble lady.

1) Lady straight leg pants

Straight leg pants with a classical atmosphere that creates a classy lady. An item that has a casual atmosphere in a neat and stylish look. The custom-made gold button decoration is beautiful. Try pairing it with your favorite tops to instantly elevate your look.

2) vintage silk blouse with pinecone pattern

A paisley pattern blouse based on black with a bewitching purple color. The pinecone-patterned style with carefully selected button decorations on the silk velvet collar is wonderful. It exudes a retro and noble atmosphere. An artistic piece with a gorgeous impression.

3) Iron-colored silk blouse with chain pattern

A silk blouse with a chain pattern that creates a lady's elegance. The ribbon decoration on the neck gives a gorgeous impression. The cuffs and collar have pleats for a romantic look. Nice little enamel buttons. Try to style up to an elegant woman.

4) Geometric silk blouse

A silk blouse with an elegant geometric pattern. A magnificent item spun with weft threads to strengthen the twist of multiple warp silks. The glossy enamel button decoration makes the beautiful lady even more gorgeous.

5) Houndstooth double-breasted jacket

A houndstooth checkered jacket that creates the atmosphere of a noble lady. The sleek black button embellishment gives off a deep green glow in the bright sun. The lining is a mysterious and bewitching glossy purple. It looks great paired with a black turtleneck.

6) Classical birch corduroy jacket

A corduroy jacket with a classic look. An item with a high formality and an impression of elegant beauty. The bright birch color is lovely. Coordinates that are reminiscent of the good old days allow you to enjoy timeless fashion.

7) Lady Turtleneck Sweater

A turtleneck sweater that creates a dignified and beautiful lady. It has a tight style and gives an elegant impression. I am happy with the soft and comfortable material. Try to style up to an elegant woman.

8) Lady Wool Jacket and Classic Pants

The jacket and pants have the atmosphere of an elegant British lady. I am fascinated by its beautiful appearance. The custom-made gold button decoration is wonderful. The lining is red jacquard fabric. It is an item with a calm color that considers ease of use and ease of matching in everyday life.

9) Italy Plaid Jacquard Cardigan

A knit cardigan with an Italian retro feel. An excellent item that can be used for layered styling. The glossy gold button decoration creates a sexy lady. Pair with high-waisted bottoms for a beautiful look.

10) Countess Gray Brown Classical Wool Dress

A classic dress with a beautiful ash brown color. The golden button decoration creates an elegant lady. It is an item with a noble atmosphere of the good old days. Try to style up to an elegant woman.

How was it? Empty silence. green roof. white wall. A beautiful lady who looks good in the city of Paris, which is full of rich colors. "Hey, how does it suit you?"