Under the clear blue sky! 10 selections of "Casual Autumn" that you can't wait for Sunday

Autumn is coming soon, with a clear light blue color and a sense of dignified transparency. The autumn breeze that blows through like a soft caress makes us feel the arrival of the season. This fall, I want comfortable, well-designed, and loose-fitting casual clothes. Introducing recommended items for those who like it. A unique design like no other. Now, find your favorite item.

1) Jellyfish Transparent Specimen Sweat

A sweatshirt printed with a jellyfish transparent specimen. Jellyfish that seem to swim elegantly are fantastic and romantic. We want you to wear it loosely and casually.

2) Black lady's layered skirt

A very nice black layered skirt. Layered with different lengths, it sways with every step, showing off your beautiful legs. Wear "black" to create a casual and elegant atmosphere.

3) Western girl polo knit sweater

Loose polo knit sweater. This item is relatively short, so we recommend pairing it with high-waisted bottoms. The hem part has a brown accent color, so it looks great when paired with casual brown pants.

4) Casual loose pants for western girls

Casual pants that you want to wear loosely. A must-have item for rough and unpretentious casual outfits. It comes in two colors, brown and black. Try pairing it with a sweatshirt or T-shirt. The style of wearing a jacket is also wonderful.

5) Western girl's casual short jacket

A casual short jacket. A must-have item for rough and unpretentious casual outfits. It comes in two colors, brown and gray. We recommend pairing it with loose and casual bottoms.

6) heavenly blue oil painting sweatshirt

A sweatshirt with a heavenly blue oil painting with a modern art atmosphere. The oil painting features a clear light blue and gray shirt. You can enjoy casual coordination with art. We also recommend coordinating it with a tote bag with the same pattern.

7) beach sweats on the beach

A sweatshirt that looks like a beach on the beach where blue shines. "Blue" like a clear sky is a wonderful item. Try wearing a large size loosely. It goes well with casual bottoms such as denim.

8) Tops with the sky reflected on the foggy surface of the lake

A top that looks like the sky is reflected on the misty surface of the lake. Illuminated by the sunlight, pastel pale light becomes a gradation and shines. It goes well with casual bottoms such as denim.

9) A long shirt filled with tranquility that looks like water

Asymmetric shirt with a glossy finish. An item with an atmosphere filled with tranquility as if it was hit with water. The long length makes it easy to wear casually. Light and cool items will brighten up the summer maiden.

10) A top that looks like it's bathed in blue moonlight

A top that can be folded in the middle. Fold it inside to create a unique short-length top. You can also wear it casually without folding it. Break out of your routine by wearing a uniquely styled top.

How was it? All of the items are slightly unique, but are easy to use every day. The hot days are still continuing, but please enjoy choosing clothes for autumn, which is coming soon.