I'm in love with a girl from Brooklyn! 10 '1970's City Girls' Like Movie Characters

The "Annie Hall look" captivated girls around the world in the late 1970s. Men's pants and jackets worn by Diane Keaton in the movie "Annie Hall". Girls all over the world longed for free fashion that is not bound by stereotypes. Introducing the "1970's City Girl" who seems to be walking around the streets of Brooklyn in the 1970s. Try to be a cheerful Annie.

1) navy blue lady denim jacket

Nice denim jacket too. The golden button decoration creates an elegant and elegant atmosphere. The check pattern on the collar and cuffs adds a casual playfulness. A versatile item that you will want to have in your wardrobe.

2) British Plaid Classical Jacket and Vest and Trouser Pants

A jacket, vest and trouser pants that create an elegant atmosphere like a British aristocrat. The detailed plaid pattern woven in three colors of yellow, beige, and blue has a noble atmosphere and a durable finish. An elegant item that looks like it jumped out of a movie screen.

3) British girl's literary wool sweater

A knit sweater with a slightly retro and cute atmosphere. The neck and cuffs are decorated with brightly colored lines for a casual look. Wear it loosely with casual bottoms such as denim.

4) Mrs. England's Plaid Trench Coat

A trench coat reminiscent of a movie actress strolling through the streets of New York. The lining is a tartan check pattern and can be worn reversibly. It has a drop shoulder for a casual look. A large square pocket is decorated above the large pocket.

5) Mrs. England's classical jacket and pleated skirt

A classic English jacket and pleated skirt. This item is full of timeless beauty. The skirt has a high-waisted design with a chain attached to the waist. Create a sophisticated and elegant lady.

6) Spring Green Lady Classical Jacket

A classic jacket with a spring green color that makes your heart beat faster. It is recommended to have it in spring or early autumn. The vivid colors like the leaves that sprout in spring are wonderful. Pair with refreshing light blue denim for a seasonal feel.

7) Dark indigo plaid retro blouse

A tartan plaid blouse that looks like a mixture of deep indigo, brown and yellow. It has a retro and casual atmosphere. We recommend pairing it with casual bottoms such as denim. For a slightly retro American girl.

8) Lady high waist classical pants

Classic pants with a high waist and straight design. It is an item that focuses on the details of the waist. The khaki pants are made of thick and stiff fabric that can be worn all year round, while the white pants are made of high-count cotton.

9) Ruri navy blue ladies blouse

A blouse that is attracted to the refreshing “blue”. An item that looks like a clear blue sky. The fabric is soft and comfortable. Try pairing it with high-waisted bottoms such as denim.

10) Dark Green Lady Corduroy Jacket

Olive green corduroy jacket with a deep and understated texture. It is an item that has a high formality and is full of classy beauty. Coordinates that are reminiscent of the good old days allow you to enjoy timeless fashion.

How was it? I want you to wear what you like the way you like it. Woody Allen told his stylist: "Let her do what she wants, she's a genius."