Sunday in Parisienne! 10 selections of "French Retro" that will make you want to stroll through the backstreets

I sit on the terrace of a café in Saint-Germain-des-Prés on the Seine, watching people stroll down the street with an espresso in hand. The evening sky fills with a clear orange color, and the hustle and bustle of the street makes for a comfortable BGM. Like a French movie hero or a novelist in Hemingway's time. Well, let's take a walk along the Seine River while feeling the pleasant breeze.

1) Lapis lazuli navy jewel color French retro dress

A French retro dress that makes you want to take a walk in the streets of Paris. The sleeves are half sleeves and can be made into short sleeves with clasps. The gem-like lapis lazuli navy blue is reminiscent of the fantastic deep sea full of transparency. Pair it with comfortable flats and your favorite necklace.

2) Lapis lazuli blue jewel color French sleeveless dress

A sleeveless dress in bright blue lapis lazuli navy blue. A deep blue hue like a lapis lazuli jewel. It reminds me of a fantastic deep sea full of transparency. The draped dress has an elegant atmosphere when the hem sways softly.

3) Black and white plaid French sleeveless dress

Black and white plaid sleeveless dress with a Showa retro atmosphere. This item features a back design. You can wear it relatively relaxedly and casually. It also exudes just the right amount of elegance.

4) Twinkling lemon-colored cotton wide-leg pants

Super loose, wide-leg trousers in soft, washed-out cotton fabric. I like the greenish yellow color like a ripe lemon. The waist is large and can be adjusted with a belt. Coordination with sleeveless is wonderful.

5) Dark blue striped knit shirt

A dark indigo striped knit shirt that is not flashy, but is basic yet has plenty of fine details. You can wear it coolly without showing the shoulder line. There are two small pockets on the front.

6) Jet black wet feather color sleeveless knit

A sleeveless knit that creates an elegant atmosphere. Pair it with casual bottoms for an even more beautiful look. It has a high neck style, and it looks great when paired with your favorite necklace.

7) Celadon cross neck dress

Cross-neck dress in pale celadon color. The sleeves are half sleeves and can be worn until late summer or early autumn. The swaying one-piece dress is overflowing with the sense of the season. The fabric is not transparent, so please wear it with confidence.

8) Western striped sleeveless knit

Striped sleeveless knit with a western retro feel. You can wear it refreshingly and coolly like summer. Bottoms look beautiful with either pants or skirts.

9) Pure white keyboard color cotton straight pants

Cotton straight pants with a beautiful pure white keyboard color. It is an item with a clean form. As a daily outfit with a casual top. Try to improve the feeling of familiarity at once.

10) Dark blue French denim skirt

A denim skirt with a slightly retro feel. It makes your legs look long and attractive. With a calming color scheme and a design that can be worn elegantly, this item can be styled both casually and beautifully.

How was it? Put on comfortable pumps and your favorite necklace, and take a walk along the riverside while looking at the row of poplar trees.