Business name and contact information

Business name

Representative (manager in charge of mail-order sales)
Takakazu Hirano

6th floor, Sotetsu KS Building, 1-11-5 Kitasaiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture

telephone number
045-287-0901 (reception hours are from 11:00 to 18:00 on weekdays)

mail address


Product sales price, shipping cost

Selling price
・Price displayed on each product introduction page (all tax included)
(*Including international shipping, customs duty, consumption tax, and our administrative fee.)

・For purchases of 10,000 yen (tax included) or more: Free shipping
*However, Hokkaido and Okinawa are 550 yen (tax included).
・For purchases of less than 10,000 yen (tax included): 550 yen (tax included)
* However, Hokkaido and Okinawa are 1,100 yen (tax included)

Expenses to be borne by the purchaser in addition to the selling price

・ Convenience store payment fee (only when using convenience store payment): Uniform 190 yen (tax included)
・Bank transfer fee (when using bank transfer): according to the amount of fees determined by each bank ・Internet connection charges and other telecommunication line communication expenses: according to the fees determined by each business operator contracted by the customer

Method of payment, timing of payment, expiration date of application

payment method
1) Credit card payment
2) Amazon Pay payment
3) Google Pay payment
4) Smartphone carrier payment
5) Convenience store payment (prepayment)
6) Payment by bank transfer (prepayment)
7) Paidy

Payment period
・For payment methods 1 to 4 and 7: Settlement at the time of ordering. The timing of payment depends on the details of the contract with the company you have a contract with, so please check the details of the contract.
・For payment methods 5 and 6: Within 3 days from the order date

Application expiration date
In the case of convenience store payment (prepayment) or payment by bank transfer (prepayment), if payment is not received within 3 days from the order date, the order will be treated as canceled.

Product delivery time

・After receiving your order (if you use convenience store payment or bank transfer, after confirming your payment), we will promptly ship the product. In addition, since many products are delivered from overseas warehouses to domestic warehouses, it takes about 10 to 30 days for delivery. Please purchase with plenty of time after understanding.
・If there is a possibility that the delivery of the product will be delayed, we will notify you to that effect to the registered e-mail address. In addition, due to the spread of pneumonia infection caused by the new coronavirus, we would like to ask for your understanding in advance that there is a possibility that the initial schedule may be exceeded from the time you place your order until delivery.
・Basically, it takes about 10 to 30 days for the product to arrive because it is in stock overseas, but if the product is in a domestic warehouse, it will be shipped within 3 business days.
・As soon as all the items in your order are ready, we will ship them together.
・Regarding reserved products, due to production reasons, etc., the product may not be delivered on the estimated delivery date displayed at the time of ordering. If there is a delay in shipping your order, we will notify you by email.

Special agreement on cancellation and returns

・Once an order has been placed, we cannot accept any cancellations, changes to the contents of the order, or returns or exchanges of the products. When ordering, please check the contents carefully before purchasing.
・However, if the product is defective, soiled, damaged, or if a product different from the ordered product is delivered, and if you notify us within 3 days of the product arrival, we will not be able to comply with the terms of use. We will exchange or refund the product according to the stipulations.