I want to be a movie heroine! 10 Cinematic “British Retro”

Eternal fashion icons are movie heroines. A curious girl who enjoys freedom and enjoys the present. Old town in Margate, a town loved by London girls, looks good with retro clothes. It's a nostalgic world that makes you feel like you've stepped into a movie screen. I am the main character in my life. Introducing "British Retro" clothes that will never forget their cuteness.

1) auburn plaid double-breasted long coat

A reddish-brown checkered long wool coat with a retro feel. The double-breasted design and calming colors give a classical and elegant impression. Coordination with items of similar colors gives a sense of the season.

2) Dark brown plaid classical sleeveless dress

A sleeveless dress with a plaid pattern that exudes a nostalgic atmosphere. The hem is pleated and the waist can be tied with a ribbon. A classic item reminiscent of the good old days.

3) Western girl's plaid retro blouse

A blouse with bulging sleeves and a pale color that makes you look like a lovely young lady. The fabric has a slightly uneven lattice pattern, and the chest area has radial pleats. I like a slightly retro atmosphere with a casual atmosphere.

4) Retro blouse for a black lady

A retro blouse in shades like the jet-black night sky. The collar is a stand-up collar decorated with frills, and the cuffs are narrowed and flared at the hem. An item that incorporates cuteness in details while giving a dark impression. You can wear it casually.

5) Plaid tweed coat for the black lady

A tweed coat with a subtle lattice pattern that gives a moderately casual impression. The relatively thick fabric is used, so you can wear it from autumn to winter. The double-breasted design looks like a British-style literary girl.

6) Deep indigo plaid patchwork skirt

A plaid skirt with a British retro feel. It is a patchwork item made by weaving together different fabrics. The waist part can be tightened with a belt. Pair with your favorite tops to create an elegant literary girl.

7) scarlet lady's jumper skirt

I am fascinated by the color of bright scarlet. A jumper skirt with a relatively relaxed silhouette. The waist is tied with a ribbon, and the hem is decorated with black fabric. We recommend pairing it with a black blouse.

8) Brown striped loose knit sweater

I am fascinated by the contrast of brown and beige. The blurred pattern gives it an artistic atmosphere. A knit sweater with a loose silhouette with dropped shoulders and a ripped hem. The fabric is thick and comfortable to wear.

9) Tweed skirt for a white-brown lady

A white-brown tweed skirt with a relaxed silhouette. This item has a bright and soft color and is made of relatively thick fabric. Match it with your favorite blouse. We recommend coordinating with a belt for a sharp look.

10) Dark gray literary tweed shorts

Tweed shorts with a British retro feel. The calm colors are timeless and can be worn elegantly. Pair it with a slightly retro top for a literary girl with a boyish impression.

How was it? Slightly retro clothes with a style that is easy to use every day. Feel like a cute girl in London.