I miss you more and more! 10 selections of "Autumn Feminine" by a maiden in love

I want to fall in love again A love that sparkles like the stars in the sky. I try to tell my feelings to the sweet and painful sepia sky. Our recommended fashion for sentimental girls in love. Even love that doesn't come true will come true someday. Your blistered cheeks look like cherries. Introducing "Autumn Feminine" that will make a maiden in love look pretty!

1) Organ pleated blouse for a maiden in love

A cute blouse with large cuffs and organ pleats. A feminine look with a long skirt for a feminine look. Coordination with denim is also cute and recommended. Enjoy the coordination with a casual atmosphere.


2) Dark indigo maiden plaid skirt

A deep blue plaid skirt that tickles the casual girl's heart. It is an item with a retro atmosphere. The frilly decoration that can be seen from the tip of the skirt is cute. Enjoy the adult sweet style that gives you a cute adult look.

3) French retro dress with flower buds

A floral dress with blooming rose buds. I love the flower pattern that looks like an oil painting. It has a retro and ephemeral atmosphere that makes it feminine and cute. A finish that exudes a clean and elegant atmosphere.

4) Purple grape hand-embroidered cardigan

A knit cardigan embroidered with purple grapes that is soft to the touch. A must-have item for your autumn/winter wardrobe. It creates a maiden with a cute atmosphere and creates a cute adult style.

5) Fluffy sweater with petal pattern

Fluffy and soft touch sweater. Try to dress loosely and casually. The petal pattern makes the pretty maiden even more adorable. A mature and cute item that is indispensable for your autumn and winter wardrobe.

6) Retro wool coat illuminated by the white nights of Scandinavia

A wool coat that keeps you warm in the cold season. It is an item that combines neatness and cuteness. Give it a dignified atmosphere with a fragile scent. It goes well with any item. The style with a tight waist is nice.

7) Casual retro wool coat for a maiden in love

A cute coat with frill decoration on the neck. Oversized clothing is recommended. The style and texture are loose, and you can enjoy a rough and unpretentious winter outfit. As it is made of warm material, you can wear it from autumn to winter.

8) Light red collar embroidery French dress

A light red dress with lovely embroidery on the collar. The style with the waist tightly tied creates a lovely maiden. Enjoy going out with your loved ones in a dress with a mature finish that exudes a casual atmosphere.

9) City Tea Plaid Retro Skirt

A nice skirt with a deep dark green color. It's a high-waisted style with a bit of a retro vibe. A beautiful silhouette that spreads softly with every step. Skirts that sway softly with movement are the dream of young girls no matter how old they are.

10) Crimson Retro Trench Coat

A casual trench coat with a cute dark red color. Oversized clothing is recommended. The style and texture are loose, and you can enjoy a rough and unpretentious autumn outfit. Enjoy coordinating with a feminine atmosphere.

How was it? Mornings and evenings are a bit chilly this season. Dress up in a cute autumn outfit to make the maiden in love even prettier. I'm sure your love will come true.