It's like getting lost in a beautiful forest! 10 selections of “Early Summer” that shines in the transparent sunlight

It's like getting lost in a beautiful, mysterious forest. The sky has turned pale blue, and we are surrounded by the refreshing early summer air. When the sunlight pours into the dignified silence and pours down on the flowers, the splendid colors shine even brighter. A butterfly flutters from flower to flower, enchanted by the fragrance of blooming flowers. Cherry blossoms, magnolias, wisterias, hydrangeas, peonies, and other flowers in full bloom are blown by the wind and fluttering down. It's like an imaginary paradise.

1) French retro dress with cherry blossom pattern

A cherry-colored retro dress with cherry-colored petals dancing. It looks like the petals are falling down with the wind blowing. The collar is large and embroidered with lace, and the high-waisted design allows you to wear it beautifully.

2) Phantom butterfly pattern retro dress

A dress depicting a butterfly enchanted by the scent of blooming flowers. A butterfly flying from flower to flower. The colors are like a summer bouquet. The long length item sways with every step, creating a romantic atmosphere. The beautiful colors and transparent brilliance seem to invite you to a fantastic world.

3) Light red flower pattern retro dress

A retro one-piece dress with light red floral patterns casually scattered. The square neckline makes your neck look beautiful, and the vertical gathers are not too sweet, giving you a clean impression. An elegant item filled with the scent of fragrant flowers.

4) Mysterious forest flower embroidery blouse

A flower embroidery blouse in shades like a mysterious forest filled with soft light. It gives off a lustrous sheen, as if the sun was shining smoothly. It is an item filled with the glow of a fantastic forest. The sleeves are slightly see-through, but the rest is lined so you don't have to worry about it being see-through.

5) Crimson rosy retro dress

A retro dress with a brilliant color like a crimson rose. It has a high waist design and puffed sleeves. It is an item that creates a noble atmosphere. Enjoy a dress with a glossy and beautiful atmosphere to your heart's content.

6) Ink green plaid retro jumper skirt

A checkered jumper skirt with an ink-green color that looks like a deep forest. The shoulder straps and hem are decorated with frills, giving this item a literary retro feel. The softly swollen hem creates a lovely young lady.

7) Hydrangea flower embroidery French dress

A dress embroidered with white hydrangea "Annabelle" that gives a neat and clean impression. The white hydrangea, which has the flower language of "single-minded love", creates an atmosphere like a pure-hearted maiden. The refreshing and lovely atmosphere will make your cheeks relax.

8) Light red rose print corset dress

A pale pink rose pattern dress with a retro feel. The lace-up decoration on the back is glossy and beautiful, and you can't help but fall in love with it. Like a beautiful lady with the fragrance of flowers. Enjoy a dress with a lovely atmosphere to your heart's content.

9) Wisteria flower pattern retro dress

A wisteria purple floral dress with a bewitching atmosphere. The delicate floral pattern drawn with a brush creates a retro atmosphere. Tulle fabric is used for the shoulder area. The top of the slit at the hem is decorated with a Chinese-like decoration. The captivating beauty relaxes your cheeks.

10) Starlight embroidery retro dress

A dazzling starlight-like floral embroidered dress. The upper body is decorated with dark green fabric embroidered with golden floral patterns. The satin fabric on the hem part shows different expressions depending on how the light hits it. Feel like a noble court lady.

How was it? The season of spring is almost over, and early summer with its clear, transparent skies is upon us. Find an early summer outfit that is a little quick, but exciting.