Put it on the melody of the concerto! 10 selections of “Elegant Retro” of splendid young lady

I long for an elegant and graceful view of the world. Brahms Violin Concerto is playing. A young lady who elegantly relaxes to the beautiful and elegant melody. The light yet profound melody will take you to a dreamy world. Elegant yet slightly retro clothes are perfect for this season. The wind that shakes the leaves makes the hem of the skirt dance. Please wear beautiful clothes that unleash a dazzling brilliance.

1) Geometric floral retro dress

A dress with a vertical geometric floral pattern that creates a slightly retro atmosphere. This item has a relatively loose silhouette with a large collar and long cuffs. Chic black neutralizes cuteness moderately. Pair with a slim belt for an elegant look.

2) black ash plaid classic jacket

A black ash plaid jacket with a British retro feel. A jacket reminiscent of the good old days, you can enjoy timeless fashion. I like the atmosphere as if it jumped out of the movie screen. It goes well with casual bottoms such as denim.

3) Romantic dress for a pure white lady

For a beautiful pure white girl. The relaxed long length dress is full of elegant atmosphere. The collar is large and the waist can be tied with a ribbon, and the spun silver thread glitters like a drop of water. The flowing, drapey silhouette fills you with a sigh of admiration.

4) Morning haze forest flower embroidered dress

A dress embroidered with flower petals blown in the air in a fantasy forest wrapped in morning mist. The fluffy, puffy silhouette and large collar create a lovely young lady. The hem is decorated with frills. Full of romantic atmosphere.

5) British lady's striped strap skirt

A vertical striped strap skirt with a classic British feel. It has a high waist and a relaxed silhouette. The strap is removable and you can adjust the size. An item that gives the impression of being elegant and elegant. Coordinates that are reminiscent of the good old days allow you to enjoy timeless fashion.

6) Navy blue vertical striped wide leg pants

Wide leg pants with navy blue vertical stripes for a classic look. It is an item with a relaxed silhouette with a wide hem. The high-waist style creates an elegant and beautiful woman. Coordination with a belt has a lot of retro atmosphere.

7) Deep Blue Lady Umbrella Skirt

A deep blue high-waisted umbrella skirt with a retro feel. You will be fascinated by the vivid colors like green jasper gemstones. The flared hem and wide waistband give it an elegant and retro feel. Match it with your favorite blouse.

8) Retro blouse for a pure white lady

A blouse with fluffy puffy sleeves that gives an elegant impression. The fabric has natural wrinkles. It directs me like a lovely innocent young lady. Team it with high-waisted bottoms.

9) Red Plaid French Sleeveless Dress

A sleeveless dress with a plaid pattern with a lace-up decoration on the chest. The vivid and bright crimson red plaid pattern creates a moderately retro and cute young lady. The waist position is high, and it has a fluffy hem. Inspired by beautiful silhouettes.

10) French retro dress for young lady with scarlet pattern

A dress with a dark reddish red pattern that creates a French retro atmosphere. This item has a relaxed silhouette, and you can tie the waist ribbon tightly. The sleeves are also plump and bulging, so you can wear it in a moderately casual and draped style.

How was it? An item that creates a lovely and classy beautiful lady. Just looking at the vivid colors will make your heart beat faster. I hope you have a wonderful encounter.