Dress up in a beautiful masterpiece! 10 Colorful "Summer Art" Selections

It's like being in Saint-Rémy in the south of France when Van Gogh was there. I want to wear a colorful oil painting under the shining sun. Influenced by Japanese ukiyo-e, Van Gogh turned to bright colors. Introducing "Summer Art", which has a bold composition and vivid color scheme that is full of summer-like seasonality. Wearing any painting will make you feel better. Come on, let's dress up with art and go out on the town.

1) One piece of daisies and poppies in a vase

A dress featuring Van Gogh's "Daisy and Poppy in a Vase". The appearance of blooming gorgeously and gorgeously has a somewhat passionate atmosphere. A glamorous item that can stand up to the sun shining brilliantly, unleashing a romantic impression.


2) Short tops with blooming irises

Van Gogh's "Iris" top inspired by Japanese ukiyo-e. The boldly drawn "Iris" has a beautiful vivid blue color. It has a style that can be tied in the back. An item that makes you imagine Saint-Remy in the south of France where the sun shines brightly.

3) Sunflower and Dr. Gachet portrait T-shirt

A T-shirt with Van Gogh's "Sunflower" and "Portrait of Doctor Gachet" on the front. A unique design with open shoulders and slits on the back. Tie the back with a ribbon and pair it with high-waisted bottoms.

4) Iris blooming embroidery slit skirt

A skirt that is made by weaving different textures from the pattern of Van Gogh's "Iris" like a patchwork. Brightly colored items are full of seasonality. The fluffy skirt makes you feel like you are wearing a painting.

5) Flowering pear tree and starry night shirt dress

Van Gogh's "Blossoming Pear Tree" and "Starry Night" shirt dress. Comes with an inner camisole. Boldly drawn oil paintings are never heavy and can be worn lightly. Put on art and imagine the era when Van Gogh was there.

6) Sunflower and Eugène Bock Portrait T-shirt

A T-shirt with a bold composition of Van Gogh's "Sunflower" and "Portrait of Eugène Bock". The back has a unique design. The "sunflower" T-shirt has a beautiful blooming appearance. The "Portrait of Eugène Bock" T-shirt has a fantastic deep blue color reminiscent of the starry sky and white shining stardust.

7) Van Gogh's Bedroom and Sunflowers in a Vase T-shirt

A T-shirt depicting Van Gogh's "Sunflower in a Vase" and "Van Gogh's Bedroom". The chest is decorated with lace-up. A feeling of size to be able to eat relatively relaxedly. An artistic item that makes you feel like you are wearing a painting.

8) Arles woman portrait blouse

"Portrait of a Woman in Arles" blouse depicting Madame Ginoux, the owner of a cafe in Arles, South France. The blouse arranged in a bold composition is full of artistic atmosphere. The sleeves are long and loose. Think about the era when Van Gogh was there and try to dress it up.

9) Psychiatric hospital hallway mesh skirt

The mesh skirt of the psychiatric hospital where Van Gogh spent his later years, "Corridor of Saint-Paul Hospital". It has a long length and a mesh hem, and it looks beautiful when the sun shines on it. Try pairing it with a simple top like a T-shirt.

10) Sunflower and iris split skirt

Split skirt of Van Gogh's "Sunflower" and "Iris" inspired by Japanese ukiyo-e. The brightly colored skirt is full of seasonality. Embellished waist ribbon with embroidered "Vincent". The swaying skirt makes us imagine Saint-Remy in the south of France where the sun shines brightly.

How was it? The colorful "Summer Art" will make you feel better just by wearing it. Wearing items that shine as brightly as the sun is a special pleasure for this season.