To the eternal muse of the 1990s! Be Classical! Be Cool!! Be Yourself!!!

A sophisticated style that epitomizes 1990s minimalism. Even though the times have changed greatly, it still looks fresh and unleashes its timeless beauty. Classical clothes with a sense of looseness and elegance coexisting. A number of items that give a simple yet vivid impression. A free and simple outfit that is not overbearing. To the eternal muse of the 1990s who swaggers with an overwhelming presence.

1) British Lady's Retro Aviator Jacket

An aviator jacket reminiscent of the good old days. With a dark brown color that is close to black, it is an item that gives a dignified impression even though it has a rugged atmosphere. A horse-drawn carriage is engraved on the golden buttons. A timeless retro jacket.

2) Nureha-colored lady classical leather jacket

A classic leather jacket with a slightly hard feel that is reminiscent of the 1990s. The decorated golden buttons give a noble impression. This item has a relatively loose and big silhouette. Pair it with casual bottoms such as denim to tighten up your usual outfit.

3) Queen of England's Embroidered Pleated Blouse

An elegant blouse with lace embroidery and pleats on the chest. The high-necked collar and cuffs that look like they're wearing ruffles create a noble atmosphere. The buttons that sparkle like spilled tears are wonderful. For the elegant and romantic lady.

4) Lady's Embroidered Striped Blouse

Striped blouse with "Lily of the Valley" embroidered on the chest. Available in 3 colors: navy, black, and light brown. The flower language of “Lily of the Valley” that wishes for happiness to come again. We recommend pairing it with a jacket for a classic look.

5) Nureha-colored lady ribbon long skirt

Be fascinated by beautiful silhouettes. A long skirt that looks like it's wet. A design that looks like a long ribbon wrapped around the waist. There is a slit in the back. A skirt with plenty of fabric that sways in a flowing manner creates an elegant lady.

6) Gray brown lady classical wool skirt

A wool skirt with a classical feel. With a design that looks like a belt wrapped around the waist, you can wear it with a beautiful silhouette. Decorated gold studs reveal a noble beauty. It is an item that is attractive for its elegant and classy beauty.

7) Narcissus flower pattern classical blouse

A classical blouse depicting a daffodil with white flowers. Narcissus blooms as if peering into the waterside. The fabric hanging on the chest sways and is elegant. Glossy pearl buttons give an elegant impression.

8) houndstooth wool half skirt

A houndstooth wool half skirt with a retro feel. A warm material with just the right amount of thickness. It is an item with an elegant and elegant impression. Coordinating with a similar color jacket is like an elegant lady.

9) Peacock Green Lady Classical Wool Jacket

A bright bluish-green wool jacket like the beautiful feathers of a peacock. The gold glittering button decoration creates a noble atmosphere. Coordinating with a high-necked blouse is wonderful. Easy to match with both classic and casual items.

10) Lady's Striped Wool Jacket

Wool jacket with black stripes. The golden buttons are engraved with the image of the Queen. It is an item with an elegant and noble atmosphere. Pair with your favorite bottoms for an elegant and romantic lady.

How was it? Elegance and simplicity are contradictory yet coexisting enduring charms. Please enjoy the clothes that are loved over time.