To the world of colorful masterpieces! 10 selections of “Autumn Art” drawn by a solitary painter

Sunflowers and roses blooming in vases. Lush iris flowers. A cumulonimbus cloud rises silently beyond the horizon. The scenery of Arles is attractive with the contrast of blue and yellow. The flowers of a tree that is in bloom and gives off a fragrance. You will be fascinated by the vivid colors that are comparable to the blue sky of the southern country. Introducing “Autumn Art” that will make your heart beat faster every time you dress up. Clothes with bold composition and bright colors. Find your favorite painting.

1) Bustier blouse with sunflower and iris flowers

A blouse that looks like a combination of a bustier with Van Gogh's "Sunflower" and "Iris" drawn. It comes in two colors, light blue and black. The bustier is decorated with ruffles, and the buttons on the blouse are in the shape of petals. By adjusting the band on the side, you can wear it with a slightly cinched waist.

2) Embroidered denim jacket with sunflower and horse plaster image

A denim jacket embroidered with Van Gogh's "Sunflower" and "Horse Plaster". A high neck design with a belt around the neck. The dangling belt gives it a casual look. An artistic item that makes you feel like you are wearing a painting.

3) Knit vest in the village streets of Auvers and the corridors of the Saint-Paul hospital in Saint-Rémy

A knit vest that boldly depicts Van Gogh's "Street of Auvers" and "Corridor of Saint-Paul Hospital in Saint-Rémy". The large size vest can be worn loosely and casually.

4) Yellow house sleeveless knit dress

A sleeveless knit dress from Van Gogh's "Yellow House". The collar is long and drooping, and the sleeves are wavy. It is an item that has different fabrics spun together on the front and back. The boldly drawn oil paintings have an artistic atmosphere.

5) Iris oil painting strap dress

A strap dress with a bold depiction of Van Gogh's "Iris". It has a high waist position and a relatively loose silhouette. The hem is pleated, and the chest is made of jacquard fabric that looks like scattered petals, and the pearls are beautiful. The button decorations on the shoulder straps are sparkling like jewels.

6) Embroidered sunflower and iris dress

A dress with Van Gogh's "Sunflower" and "Iris" embroidered on the collar. It is available in two colors, black and white. The large collar decorated with frills gives it a strong presence. The sleeves are decorated with elastic bands. It has a casual yet romantic atmosphere.

7) Sunflower embroidery frill jacquard jacket

A jacquard jacket embroidered with Van Gogh's "Sunflower". It is a jacquard item with a petal pattern drawn all over, and the large collar is decorated with ruffles and the waist is decorated with a ribbon. Despite the dark color, it gives a gorgeous impression.

8) Blooming pear tree salopette skirt

The salopette skirt of Van Gogh's "Blossoming Pear Tree". It is an item with a feeling of length above the knee, and it is an item with pleats. Brightly colored items create a cute literary girl-like atmosphere. Match it with your favorite blouse.

9) Embroidered knitted cardigan with sunflowers in a vase

A knit cardigan embroidered with Van Gogh's "Sunflower". A design that combines a rhombus geometric pattern and a sunflower. The placket hangs down, so you can wear it asymmetrically depending on how you fasten the buttons. This item has a relaxed silhouette.

10) A landscape with houses and a wheat field with a harvester in a frilly skirt

The ruffled skirt of Van Gogh's "Landscape with Houses" and "Wheat Field with Harvesters". The frilly decoration around the bold oil painting looks like a picture frame decorating the painting. The swaying hem is elegant. An artistic item that looks like a painting.

How was it? A longed-for masterpiece will make your heart flutter in any era. Try wearing oil paintings with bold colors that will catch your eye.