A lady's secret outfit! 10 splendid "50's Classic Fashion"

Bewitching and enchanting. Somewhat new and some nostalgic items. Showa classical clothes reminiscent of the 1950s have a retro atmosphere like the costumes of silver screen actresses. Elegant and glamorous items are overflowing with fresh brilliance as if they were taken out of a secret treasure chest. I really like what I like. Please enjoy the splendid "50's Classic" that makes your cheeks relax every time you think of wearing it.

1) Sunflower embroidery jacquard skirt

A jacquard skirt with beautiful sunflower embroidery. The item which was full of nostalgic atmospheres. A sunflower that looks like an oil painting creates a bewitching lady. Every time I think of wearing it, my cheeks relax.


2) Ladies classical plaid wool skirt

A plaid wool skirt that feels the warmth of the wool material. It makes your legs look long and attractive. With a calming color scheme and a design that can be worn elegantly, this item can be styled both casually and beautifully.

3) Vintage jacket and skirt for a lady

A jacket and skirt with a retro feel of the 1950s. An item with an impression reminiscent of the good old days. It looks beautiful when you wear it as a set up. A short-length jacket goes great with high-waisted bottoms. A tight style skirt makes your legs look longer and gives you a neat impression.

4) Western-style lady's cardigan jacket

A cardigan with a retro feel. A thick cardigan can also be worn like a jacket. You will fall in love with its elegant and beautiful appearance. Nice tight waist. It is an item reminiscent of the good old days.

5) Slim knit dress for ladies

A slim knit dress that looks beautiful with a square neckline. Two types are available: an A-line dress with an elegant impression, and a wrap dress with a beautiful feminine body line. It is an item that beautifully colors the supple feminine form. The slender style creates a feminine atmosphere. Choose your favorite color.

6) White flower embroidery vintage blouse

A vintage blouse with a neat atmosphere. The flower embroidery on the collar adds a lovely sweetness. Full of dignified atmosphere, it creates an elegant lady. Style up to be a lovely and elegant woman.

7) French knit cardigan for ladies

A knit cardigan that creates an elegant lady. It has a French vintage feel and is an excellent item that can be used for layered styling. Pair with high-waisted bottoms for a beautiful look.

8) Red birch ribbon satin blouse

Satin blouse with a smooth texture. The reddish orange color will make you feel like a girl. The decorated ribbon also creates a flowing stole. For elegant and beautiful ladies.

9) Lady's classic mohair cardigan

Good old classical style mohair cardigan. It is the item which a neckline shines in beautifully. Fasten with embellished buttons at the bottom for a high-waisted look. A comfortable cardigan with a delicate texture.

10) Blue polka dot velvet blouse

A velvet blouse with an olive green hue that creates a beautiful lady. It has a moderate length, and the high-waisted style gives an elegant impression. An item that creates a feminine atmosphere for a classy lady.

How was it? Retro and sophisticated vintage fashion is a special outfit. "50's Classic" items can be worn regardless of the era.