Feeling that a small love begins! 10 "French Autumn" for girls who like to dream

I don't want to fall in love A love that's like studded with gorgeous jewels. A sweet love like flowers in bloom and giving off a fragrance. Introducing "French Autumn" for maidens who fall in love like butterflies confused by blooming flowers. Retro and cute clothes somehow make me feel the beginning of love. Summer is still in full swing, but autumn is just around the corner, when it's fun to dress up!

1) Mizuhara lake color French dress

A dress in the color of the surface of the lake that reflects the sky of the water. The clear sky is a clear light blue, giving off a quiet tranquility. Ribbons and pleats decorated in a high-waisted style are lovely. Enjoy the autumn one-piece to your heart's content, giving off the beauty of the heroine of a story.

2) French girl's classical vest and skirt

A classic vest and skirt set. When you cross a beautiful bridge where lovers whisper their love to each other, you can feel a little bit like a movie heroine. The atmosphere of French taste will tickle your girl's heart. Try directing a pretty maiden standing on a street corner in Paris.

3) French blouse for royal princess

A pure white French blouse with floral embroidery on the collar and cuffs. The atmosphere is like that of a young lady living in a royal palace. The rounded design gives a neat and noble impression. Team it with high-waisted bottoms.

4) Midnight Princess French Blouse

A jet-black French blouse that looks like midnight. The frills on the collar and cuffs are cute. The stand-up collar style creates a somewhat noble atmosphere. In the atmosphere of a literary girl with extensive knowledge.

5) French dress with pure white flower embroidery

A pure white French dress with a clean atmosphere. The faintly decorated floral embroidery gives a lovely impression. The waist is adjustable with a string, and the collar is pleated with a stand-up collar. An item that will make you look like an elegant young lady.

6) Retro blouse where a love story begins

A French retro blouse that seems to start a love story. The white pearl buttons sparkle beautifully. It is an item with a neat and clean scent. Feminine coordination combined with a skirt will be a feminine outfit. I like the retro atmosphere.

7) Western girl's embroidery French blouse

French blouse with lace embroidery on the chest and sleeves. The loose puff sleeves give a cute and feminine impression. Nice glossy buttons. Team it with high-waisted bottoms.

8) British Girl's French Retro Skirt

French retro skirt in chocolate color. It is a design that can be worn elegantly with a calm color scheme. We recommend coordinating it with a similar colored vest. This item can be styled casually or beautifully.

9) English girl's sleeveless dress

Chocolate-colored sleeveless dress full of French retro atmosphere. The frills on the shoulder line create a cute maiden look. A little classical style gives you a fashionable and advanced atmosphere.

10) French dress with lapis lazuli and safflower buds

A French dress with azure and red flower buds. I love the flower pattern that looks like an oil painting. It has a retro and ephemeral atmosphere that makes it feminine and cute. A finish that exudes a clean and elegant atmosphere.

How was it? The hot days are still continuing, but it's time to start thinking about autumn clothes. It might be a good idea to prepare your autumn clothes a little early!