To a splendid beautiful lady! 10 selections of "50's New York" loved over time

A cold air pierces the gap between the skyscrapers where the night never ends. The lady who elegantly wears a long coat and gives off a beautiful smile is bewitching and gorgeous. The beautiful and gorgeous figure is like an upper-class lady living in New York in the 1950s. A gramophone plays George Gershwin's "Embraceable You." Lightly sprinkling sweet perfume on the pulsating area will start a vibrant day. Please enjoy "50's New York" like the hero of a Western movie.

1) Fuki flower painting silk blouse

A silk blouse depicting a rich flower with an elegant atmosphere. The appearance of golden and white flowers blooming on a black background gives a somewhat mysterious and noble impression. The ribbon on the chest creates an elegant lady. Try to style up to an elegant woman.

2) Lady High Waist Wool Pants

Wool pants that can be worn beautifully with a high waist style. The golden shining button decoration is beautiful. The color is between black and gray, and the fabric is thick wool fabric. An item that creates beautiful legs.

3) British aristocratic daughter long wool coat

A wool coat made from high-quality Australian merino wool. An item that combines hardness and softness by carefully sewing fabrics that are fine and soft to the touch. It's more orange than regular camel. Gold button decoration gives a noble atmosphere. A wool coat for a noble lady.

4) Jet Black Lady Long Wool Coat

A very nice black long wool coat. The gold button decoration creates an elegant and elegant atmosphere. It is an item with a sleek design. If you prefer a looser fit, choose your usual size, if you prefer a slim fit, choose one size smaller. An item reminiscent of the classical atmosphere of the 1990s. Be a beautiful lady wearing "black".

5) Marchioness Classical Jacket

A classic jacket with soft curls. The placket, pockets and cuffs are embellished with golden buttons. This item has a relatively slim design. Team it with high-waisted, classic bottoms.

6) Queen's Classical Wool Coat

A wool coat with a mink fur decoration on the collar and cuffs. It makes you feel like the main character in a Western movie. A blend of fine Australian merino wool and cashmere, the fabric is warm, supple and drapeable. An item with an elegant beauty that is loved over time.

7) English lady's pleated wool skirt

An elegant pleated wool skirt that is too beautiful. It is made of thick fabric and is recommended from the end of autumn to winter. The high-waisted design makes your waistline look neat and attractive. For the elegant British lady.

8) Countess Plaid Pleated Skirt

A pleated skirt with a British classical atmosphere. Buckles and tucks are decorated. It's a relatively thick fabric, and it's a shade that is full of kindness. A high-waisted, middle-length item creates a beautiful lady.

9) Scandinavian retro geometric pattern knit vest

Fair Isle pattern knit vest with a deep V-neck. The combination of dark green and gray gives a retro impression. The fabric is relatively thick and can be worn warmly. We recommend pairing it with a blouse with a ribbon on the chest.

10) Western Plaid Wool Jacket

A wool jacket with a checked pattern in bright and light shades. The relatively large plaid has a retro atmosphere. The thick fabric and short length jacket goes well with high-waisted bottoms. Coordination with denim is also recommended.

How was it? Elegant and classy, ​​"50's New York" is timeless. A number of items that seem to have wandered into the room of an upper-class lady. Wearing gorgeous jewels, for a sexy lady.