Beautiful painting! 10 selections of "Art Fashion" that everyone loves

Oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, landscape paintings. Beautiful paintings are timeless. An impression painting depicting a beautiful scene reflected in eyes full of shining light. Unstable and absurd, surrealist paintings that give the illusion of being in a dream. Vivid colors, free brush strokes, and bold compositions of "Art Fashion" make me excited every time I wear it. Come on, find your favorite "Art".

1) sunflower plaid embroidered sweater

A plaid sweater with Van Gogh's "Sunflower" design. It feels like you are wearing a painting. Coordination with denim is cute and recommended. Coordinate with a long skirt for a feminine look.

2) Starry night and blooming pear tree hoodie

A hoodie designed with Van Gogh's "Starry Night" and "Blossoming Pear Tree". The paintings that can be glimpsed from the inside of the hood and cuffs are wonderful. We recommend pairing it with casual bottoms.

3) Cathedral painting vintage blouse

A painting blouse that looks like it was drawn on the stained glass of Notre Dame Cathedral. The beautiful blue is characteristic and the vintage atmosphere is wonderful. An artistic item that makes you feel like you are wearing a painting.

4) Oil Painting Suede Blouse

A suede blouse that looks like an oil painting. A warm-colored blouse has a sense of the season and makes a woman even more cute. An item that goes well with any bottoms, such as jeans, shorts, and skirts.

5) Blouse with flower grass twin deer

Deer were considered sacred in myths and stories. The deer that live deep in the forest are mysterious beings. A blouse with a hand-drawn fawn gracefully playing in the forest. A delicately expressed fawn. The vividly drawn flowers are eye-catching. It is a design that makes you feel a sense of taste while being somewhat rustic.

6) Shell picture book blouse

A blouse that looks like a picture book of shells, designed with various kinds of seashells. It is an item that creates an artistic atmosphere. You can wear it casually regardless of the season. Try wearing a shirt that is different from the usual and liven up your mood.

7) Golden Leaf Embroidered Blouse

A blouse decorated with golden leaves. It has a beautiful gold color that glistens in the sunlight. Every time I think of wearing it, my cheeks relax. An item that goes well with any bottoms, such as jeans, shorts, and skirts.

8) Watercolor floral jacket

Blue purple, light blue, light green, light yellow. A watercolor painting jacket drawn in vivid colors. It unleashes a beauty that is as good as the shining sun. It is an item that creates a beautiful lady.

9) Soft watch blouse

A blouse with the motif of Salvador Dali's "Soft Clock" from "The Persistence of Memory". An item that beautifully expresses a work that expresses timelessness in which the present memory and the past memory are mixed up. For an artistic outfit with high-waisted bottoms.

10) Western Oil Painting Jacquard Satin Blouse

A jacquard satin blouse with a beautiful floral pattern that looks like an oil painting. The texture of the jacquard satin is wonderful and creates a beautiful lady. An artistic item that makes you feel like you are wearing a painting.

How was it? "Art" drawn with an original view of the world is loved by people without change in any age. Welcome to the beautiful world of longing.