She looks like a Nouvelle Vague movie star! 10 'Nouvelle Vague' Reminiscent of 1960s French Movies

From the end of 1950, the French film industry started making films in a "new era". Free and open manufacturing that is not bound by established rules has spread not only to movies, but also to the world of music, literature, and fashion. Introducing "Nouvelle Vague" clothing that mixes the elegant style of the 1950s with individuality that makes you feel the arrival of a new era. Please enjoy the grand classical fashion arranged in the present age.

1) Queen's Classical Silk Dress

A silk dress with a classical impression from the 1960s. The entire fabric, ribbon, and lining are all made of silk, making it a noble and luxurious item. The high-waisted design emphasizes the waistline and harmonizes with the organ pleats, giving it a retro and sophisticated look. Inspired by vintage style.

2) Queen's navy blue striped ribbon blouse

A classic blouse reminiscent of the 1950s and 60s. An elegant navy stripe item will color a beautiful lady. The chest is decorated with a ribbon, creating a romantic atmosphere. The decoration of the glittering gold button is wonderful.

3) British lady's white umbrella skirt

The origin of the umbrella skirt is probably impossible to trace, but it is the eternal goddess "Audrey Hepburn" who put the spotlight on the umbrella skirt. Classic clothing in "Roman Holiday" captivated audiences, and the combination of a shirt and high-waisted umbrella skirt was the epitome of "Audrey Hepburn" elegance.

A high-waisted umbrella skirt gives a noble and elegant atmosphere. The fabric is a blend of various fabrics, and the surface has a linen texture and drape, and is characterized by a large hem. The decorated wide belt creates a retro lady.

4) Southern French lady flower pattern dress

A dress like a lady from Provence in the south of France. At first glance, it looks like a polka dot pattern, but it is actually navy with a small beige flower pattern, giving it a more French-style and chic look than the polka dot pattern. The ribbon on the chest and gold button decorations are splendid and elegant. An item that makes you want to spend your holidays in France elegantly.

5) Jet black lady strap dress

A strap dress for noble and elegant ladies. The hem has a flowing, asymmetrical style that sways with every step. The shoulders are double crossed, and multiple straps are woven into the back, harmonizing with the decorated enamel buttons to create a beautiful style. It drapes well, has a silky feel and is fully lined.

6) Misty blue lady strap dress

A strap dress decorated with a belt on the chest. At first glance, it looks like denim fabric, but it uses denim-colored linen acetate fabric, which is softer and more comfortable than denim, and is refreshing to wear in summer. It has an overall slim style. It's nice to wear a cardigan and wear it.

7) Countess' vintage dress

A classical dress with a literary impression. The dress is sewn with a lot of fabric and has a lining, so it has a solid feeling, but it uses acetate linen, so it is refreshing and breathable. There is a playful pocket on the chest. A cloth belt is included, but you can replace it with your favorite belt.

8) Movie poster T-shirt "A BOUT DE SOUFFLE"

A movie T-shirt of the movie "A bout de souffle" released in 1960. "A bout de souffle" is a masterpiece of the Nouvelle Vague that had a great influence on subsequent film culture. One of the prints on this t-shirt is the New York Herald Tribune culture shirt worn by the heroine in the film. In the film, she wears a smaller turtleneck and chunky sweater version, which she changed to a crisper crewneck and more summery mercerized cotton. The other print is a British poster, with lots of red blocks printed with black and white characters on a white background, which is very impressive.


9) Mrs. France's Knitted Cardigan

A knit cardigan that creates a retro atmosphere for Mrs. France. The surface has a linen-like texture, and is characterized by being smooth and gentle on the skin. Pair with high-waisted bottoms for an elegant Parisian look. Available in two colors: refreshing light blue and elegant black.

10) Countess mint jacket and shorts

A jacket and shorts with a retro and classical feel. The mint green color is refreshing and gentle, and it attracts people like the spring breeze. The fabric consists of high-density warp and weft yarns that are tightly twisted. One side is arranged with a fine horizontal pattern, and the other side has a glossy and gorgeous impression with a watermark-like pattern.

How was it? Like a dream actress in the 1960s French cinema. Get elegant, retro and sophisticated clothes.