For a girl with elegance! 10 selections of “Dramatic Classical” that invite you to a dramatic world

“Dramatic Classical” clothes that give a dramatic and dazzling sparkle. Graceful and classy, ​​like a medieval European lady. Just by wearing it, you will be glamorous and unleash your hidden charm. A beautiful item that intoxicates you with its fragrant beauty and invites you to fall in love. The dramatic presence is unique. Please have a splendid item that will make your daily life a notch.

1) Elegant blouse embroidered for a noble lady

bold presence. An elegant blouse with layered fabric and lace embroidery that gives a gorgeous impression. I can't stop pounding in my chest. Puffy sleeves, gorgeously decorated neck. The high-necked silhouette makes you look like a noble lady.

2) Elegant skirt, overskirt and blouse for a noble lady

For a noble lady who wears gorgeous and dignified elegance. The black and white contrast makes it stand out. An elegant and voluminous skirt and an overskirt with added volume for a high-waisted silhouette. The coordination combined with the white blouse with plenty of lace embroidery is mysterious, yet dramatic and dazzling.

3) An embroidered blouse and an embroidered elegant skirt of a light cherry blossom princess

An embroidered blouse made with a combination of pleats, embroidered lace, and polka dot patterns, and an elegant skirt with plenty of fabric. She looks like a royal princess. Neat and beautiful items that add magic to your everyday life. There are two types of blouses, long sleeves and short sleeves.

4) Black Lady's swallow-tailed coat and classical skirt

Neat attire makes dignity stand out. Swallow-tailed coats and classic long skirts for ladies. The swallowtailed coat has different lengths on the front and back, and the waist is tightened, and the back is pleated. The pleated skirt also sways and gives a gorgeous impression.

5) Black lady's embroidered classical dress

A classic dress that will make you look like an elegant young lady. It has a stand-up collar and is decorated with pleats and lace embroidery on the chest. The shoulder part has a voluminous bulge and the waist position is high. It is an item that you can wear with a beautiful silhouette.

6) Medieval aristocratic floral embroidery elegant dress

An elegant dress that will make you look like an aristocratic lady from the Middle Ages Renaissance. The lace embroidery with flowers and grasses is decorated all over, releasing a gorgeous and gorgeous beauty. For a lady who wears dignity and elegance.

7) Elegant dress for the daughter of a Western aristocrat

An elegant dress for the daughter of a western aristocrat. The sleeves, hem, and waist are decorated with frills, and the chest is pleated. The sleeves can be removed, so you can wear it with long sleeves or short sleeves. I am fascinated by the beautiful silhouette with a soft and rounded shape.

8) Medieval knight's elegant skirt, blouse and corset belt

It's like getting lost in a fictional fantasy world. An elegant skirt, blouse, and corset belt that combines the world of mechanical steampunk powered by steam engines with the world of Western knights. You will be fascinated by the gorgeous and gorgeous atmosphere. Try to become the hero of the world full of romance.

9) Tweed corset for a royal lady

A tweed corset that creates a smooth feminine curve. Tweed, which tends to be conservative, has a lovely atmosphere with heart-shaped buckles and buttons. An elegant item that makes your heart beat faster just by wearing it. into a dramatic world.

10) Classical jacket, vest, long skirt and blouse embroidered with a dark green lady

A dark green classical jacket, vest, long skirt and blouse with the atmosphere of an elegant aristocratic lady. Gorgeous gold embroidery is decorated with black fabric, creating a gorgeous atmosphere reminiscent of the Middle Ages. The skirt is long and can be tied with a ribbon at the back. A blouse with a pleated chest decoration gives a noble impression.

How was it? When you wear gorgeous clothes, it seems that you are surrounded by romance that drifts between dreams and reality. I hope you have an encounter with clothes that make your heart beat faster.